Thunderbird is a free email application with some great features

Thunderbird! No, it’s not the name of any South American local gang. Nor is it a species of any bird (here). Instead, it is ‘a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features’. However, one might think why to switch over to Thunderbird from the Mozilla Foundation, as your primary email interface. Following are a few reasons why I think so you should check it out, esp after its recent release of Thunderbird.

Thunderbird email client


Oh yes, you can experiment with the looks of the Thunderbird application with a very wide choice of skins available which are based on the latest movies, famous landmarks, and Japanese Tattoos. Personas allow you also to select from various themes with the feature to make every icon look unique in Thunderbird.

Smart Folders

The Smart Folders help you to manage multiple email accounts by grouping your desired folders like Inbox, Sent, or Archive into a single folder. So the next time you expect a mail, instead of checking the inbox of every mail account, you can simply check the Smart Folder, which may contain all of your incoming mail in one place, even though belonging to various accounts.

Add-on Manager

The Add-on Manager recommends you to download the best add-on(s) for your user experience. You no longer need to visit the add-ons Web site. The ratings, recommendations, descriptions, and pictures of the add-ons in action help you make your selection.

Cutting Out the Junk

Thunderbird’s popular junk mail tools have been updated to stay ahead of spam. Each time you deem a particular mail as spam, Thunderbird automatically ‘learns’ from your choice and keeps improving its spam/junk-filtering mechanism, best suited to you. Each email you receive passes through Thunderbird’s leading-edge junk mail filters.

Phishing Protection

“You have just won $120,000,000,” “OMG! Check out what Britney Spears did……”; Don’t you get such tempting messages on the web frequently? The question is, how will you get to know if such links are genuine or malware, before doing the click? Thunderbird protects you from email scams which try to trick users into handing over personal and confidential information by indicating when a message is a potential phishing attempt. As a second line of defense, Thunderbird warns you when you click on a link which appears to be taking you to a different Web site than the one indicated by the URL in the message.

Automatic Updates

With Thunderbird, you need not be worried if you are running the latest version or not. It automatically shoots up an update message informing you of the available update. The automated update system provides updates for Thunderbird on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in over 40 different languages. All in all, it is an automated process.

One-click Address Book

Adding people into your address book never got this easier. A click on the ‘star’ symbol beside the email address from whom you just received the mail enables you to add him/her into your address book instantly. Two clicks and you can add more details like a photo, birthday, and other contact information. Simple.

Attachment Reminder

If the body of your message is “Please find the attachment” or something which conveys that a document has been attached and if you forget to attach it in your mail, then Thunderbird comes to your rescue. Its attachment reminder looks for the word attachment (and other words like file types) in the body of your message and reminds you to add an attachment before hitting send.

Activity Manager

Want to know what all transpired between your email service provider and Thunderbird? Say hello to the Activity Manager, which records all the interactions between Thunderbird and your email provider in one place. Its all in one place if you wish to know happenings with your email.

Tabbed email

Tabbed email lets you load emails in separate tabs so you can quickly jump between them. Tabs appear on the top of the menu bar providing a powerful visual experience and allowing the toolbars to be much more contextual.

Quick Filter Toolbar

Worried about searching the whole inbox for a particular mail? Use The Quick Filter Toolbar that lets you filter your email faster. In fact, it gives you results as you type in the search box without the need to press any button later. You can also “Pin” or save a Filter and use it across multiple folders.

So that was it. Interested in experiencing this open-source email application real-time? Check its official site here. Yes, it’s a free download!

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