Mozilla Firefox seems slow to start

We all want browsers to be fast, and so does the developers. So they send out tips when they see the browser acting slow. On Firefox, if you see a message “Mozilla Firefox seems slow to start,” and click on Learn how to speed it up, it takes you to their web age which talks about how to Refresh Firefox. But before you decide to Refresh Firefox, here are some suggestions that can help you speed up Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox seems slow to start

Mozilla Firefox seems slow to start

1] Use a Blank Tab as Startup Page & New Windows

It is best not to use a website as a startup option when you launch Firefox. Just use a blank page. When you use anything else, it waits for the site to load completely and feels slow. Make sure to choose the same option for new tabs as well.

Blank Page New Windows and Tabs

Click on the Menu on the right, and then options.

Switch to Home preferences, and select Blank Page for Homepage, new windows, and new tabs.

It will make sure everything loads up fast, especially if you keep opening new tabs now and then.

2] Check on Firefox add-ons & plugins

Many a time add-ons and plugins slow down Firefox startup. It could be during the launch or after you have used it for a while. Sometimes it could be because of the graphics driver or hardware acceleration. Check out our detailed post on resolving Firefox problems with add-ons and plugins.

3] Fix common Firefox problems

Performing a Reset/Refresh and using Safe Mode can help you troubleshoot some common issues around, and resolve it. Once the concerns are no more there, Firefox will speed up automatically.

For more suggestions, you may read our following post:

Now when the notifications appeared, if you clicked on the Don’t tell me again button, you will not be shown this notification. But what if you want o to re-enable this notification? Here’s how you can go about it.

Re-enable ‘Firefox seems slow to start’ Notification

In case you chose “Don’t show again” or made a choice by accident, there is a way to undo that. If for nothing else, you can use this info as a sign that your Firefox is getting slow.

Enable Slow Startup Notification

Open about:config in your address bar. Press Enter and accept the dialogue box which talks about risk.

Type browser.slowStartup.notificationDisabled in the search box.

Since you have accidentally to set it to true, the value must be set to true. Double click to toggle or reset to set it to false.

Let us know if these tips helped you in any way!

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