Moo0 Multi-Desktop: Multiple Desktop Manager for 4 Virtual Desktops

The need for virtual desktop arises when a lot is going on your computer. You do not want different windows to cram up the space on your taskbar and system tray. Though there are many virtual desktop assistants in the market, Moo0 is one of the simplest desktop managers I have seen so far. This review of Moo0 Multiple Desktop Manager or Moo0 Multi-Desktop for Windows, makes it clear that the program is worth a try.

Moo0 Multi-Desktop review

Moo0 Multi-Desktop

Installation Issues

Moo0 Multi-Desktop is Bundleware. After you start installation, the package installer asks you in plain language if you wish to add two more programs developed by Moo0. You can simply uncheck the boxes next to the names of the programs to keep them off your computer, i.e., to prevent them from installing. One of these programs is a desktop junk cleaner, but since most of us are reliant and comfortable with CCleaner or Comodo System Cleaner, there is no use of adding another system cleaner to the machine. This Cleaner is a shareware, so is better to uncheck the box preceding Moo0 Desktop Cleaner as we do not want it. The other program is a video downloader, again a shareware. You may or may not uncheck it depending upon whether or not you want it test it.

In either case, the interface is simple and so clear that you can understand that the package is asking your permission for installation of other programs and offers you with check-boxes to install them or skip them. There are many other types of freeware in the market that make you go through a maze to skip unwanted programs. Read our article on Potentially Unwanted Programs to know more about skipping programs that come hidden inside the installation package.

For installation, Moo0 gets a 4 out of 5 rating as the interface is something that even a novice can handle. It loses the 1 point for bundling software.

Interface and Usage

As with the installation package, the interface of Moo0 Multi-Desktop too is easy. It provides an ultra slim, non-interfering toolbar with digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 on it. The digits indicate the number of virtual desktop. The numbers are followed by the logo of Moo0 that is unclickable and does not produce any action. Anyway, this is a pretty small bar and is hardly interfering. You can move it to anywhere on the desktop so that you don’t need to search for it and for switching among all four virtual desktops.

You can customize Moo0 Multi-Desktop using the System Tray icon available in all the four virtual desktops created by the program as soon as it is launched. You can set the program to launch with computer boot or you can turn it off so that you launch it manually only when you require it.

You also get to select a different wallpaper of each of the virtual desktops. You can then customize hotkeys you need to move among the screens – or you can simply click on the number present on the floating toolbar (referred above). For example, clicking on “3” takes you to the third virtual desktop. Likewise, to return to first desktop, simply click “1” on the toolbar.

If you want keyboard shortcuts, you can customize the keyboard combinations using the System Tray icon. For example, you can set up Windows key plus Up and Down arrow keys for browsing among the virtual desktops. You can also set up Jump Keys such as CTRL + 1, 2, 3, 4 so that when you press that key combination, you are taken to that desktop. If you do not wish to use Control key, I suggest changing it to Windows key as CTRL is better used for other purposes. As such, CTRL+1 in Microsoft Word would change current line spacing to 1 so it is good if you change the Moo0 keys to something else.

All the programs in all four desktops are kept running, so system resources would be in use. Moo0 Desktop Manager only helps you in managing your programs better when you are running plenty of applications. You can keep some programs in one desktop; some in the second and some in the third, and so on, so that the screen does not become crowded with the open applications.

The System Tray icon also contains options for setting up Language of the System Tray menu to something other than English. Options for placing the Moo0 Desktop Manager floating toolbar are available,  so that it remains visible always and within the boundaries of the screen. You can then set up skins for the program if you wish. You may make the toolbar transparent and also choose the transparency level.


The review of Moo0 Multi-Desktop does not talk about any complicated procedures as there are none in the program. Installation and usage are easy compared to other virtual desktop managers. There is no Help file available, but anyone, including novices, do not need any manual as the program is easy to install and use. My conclusion is that Moo0 is good for novices and for quick creation and management of virtual desktops. I recommend it if you think you need a virtual desktop manager.

Moo0 Multi-Desktop free download

You download Moo0 Multi-Desktop from its home page. You have two options there, either to ‘Like’ their Facebook page and get access to the direct download link, or visit CNET to download it. Take your pick!

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