Show or Hide Data Usage for Wireless Networks in Windows 8

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  1. bill

    After resetting the data counter to zero and turning off the wifi and the computer is shut down (Windows 8) when I turn the computer back on and go to connect the wifi sometimes it shows data use. How can this be?

  2. Anand

    i m unable to find that option in windows 8

  3. Donald Mayfield

    How much data is a SD move 1.5 hr long? Same question for a HD movie.

  4. elw

    Does anyone know how accurate the Windows data meter is? I just connect mine a few weeks ago and it is showing a much lower data usage than my internet provider is? For example, the Windows meter has me using between 300 to 400 MBs a day while my internet provider is showing between 7 to 12 GBs a day. I am confused by the huge difference, which one is right?

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