Microsoft Diagnostics Service: A self-help portal to troubleshoot problems

Taking the convenience of Microsoft Fix It‘s forward, Fix it Center Pro was launched in February 2012. Subsequently Fix it Center Pro was retired and replaced with Microsoft Diagnostics Services – an automated self-help diagnostic portal for users of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Diagnostics Services

Microsoft Diagnostics Services
Microsoft Diagnostics Services is an automated troubleshooting service to help you identify solutions to problems with Microsoft software, services, tools and applications like Windows, Office, Visual Studio, Exchange, Internet Explorer, MSN, Server, Microsoft Azure, Security tools, .NET, Hardware including Xbox and Phone devices, Skype and so on..  You can visit this link to access the Microsoft Diagnostics Services diagnostic packages.

It first applies targeted analysis to scan your system to identify and resolve specific problem areas. The analysis session will scan your system to identify solutions for specific problem areas.

Once the scans are completed, the results are uploaded to Microsoft servers. They will then be processed and issues if any will be identified and solutions recommended.

Once the troubleshooter completes its scan, the diagnostic results are usually displayed immediately. In some cases however, especially during deep analytics the session could take even an hour! You may if you wish, initiate the scan and visit the site later on to see the results. You will be able to view your Analysis Package under the Recent Sessions.

You will also see a message will be displayed that will explain the steps you need to take in order to resolve the issue.

If the suggested solutions do not help you, you could visit this link and ask for online assisted support. You may be charged for services rendered.

Microsoft assistedDo let us know if you find this self-help portal from Microsoft useful.

Beginners may want to have a look at this post which talks of some basic Windows Troubleshooting Tips. This article touches upon some common steps a Windows user may take in order to try to fix or repair his/her Windows 8 computer.

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  1. DutchPete

    I won’t even try to use it as I have always found Microsoft’s problem-solving websites too unwieldy, having to wade through masses of info before you get somewhere, which is usually not quite what you wanted. I prefer to consult a specialised forum with interactivity with real people, rather than an automated service.

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