Microsoft Certification Benefits and Advantages

If you possess a Microsoft Certification, then your value is increased many times, and you have an edge over others, who do not have similar Microsoft Certificates. There are plenty of benefits of Microsoft certification, some of which are listed in this article. The article takes a look at the benefits of having Microsoft Certificates from a job or career point of view. Of course, you will also gain immense knowledge while preparing for Microsoft exams.

Microsoft Certification Benefits

What is Microsoft Certificate

Microsoft offers training material for many of its software. Based on these training materials, Microsoft offers certificates if you pass their exams. In fact, the exams are provided by Microsoft Partner companies and certificates are issued by Microsoft to the fact that you passed a particular exam for a specific or group of products.

For example, there are exams for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint separately and there is an exam for Microsoft Office that combines all these three plus other products of Microsoft Office such as Outlook and OneNote.

Besides these smaller exams, there are courses such as MCSE and MCSA that are of pretty importance when you apply for jobs. These certificates imply that the certificate holder is an expert in the related subject matter. You can study for these exams using Microsoft’s own tutorials and books or prepare by undertaking the training at some computer training institute.

Microsoft Certified Professionals form a unique community with Microsoft as its hub. Individuals can take advantage of the networking and professional growth opportunities, which, according to the research, is a much more poignant aspect of the value of certification that was previously envisioned. Microsoft also recognizes that the community is an important way to engage with its customer base. You can read more about the value of Microsoft Certifications.

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Microsoft Certification Benefits

As with any certificate, Microsoft provides you with certificates when you successfully pass their exams online. A certificate can be in a particular software or a set of software as explained above. In some cases, Microsoft provides certificates for entire processes that are performed at offices. An example could be Office Automation that includes knowledge of Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and some knowledge of Windows networking. Thus, if you have a certificate, it is proof that you mastered the skills related to the certificates.

With a certificate, your value increases when you apply for jobs. According to Microsoft your chances of getting hired increases 5 times because Microsoft Office skills are required more than the experience of non-Microsoft similar products.

Microsoft says the future’s high wage, high growth industry requires knowledge of Microsoft Office and companies would want to hire the best for such jobs. According to Microsoft, 86% of hiring managers indicate that they prefer job applicants having an IT certificate. And Microsoft certification is a preference over some unknown computer training institutes’ certificates.

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Eight out of ten Hiring Managers wish to verify the certificates provided by job applicants. While it is tough to verify the certificates of some unknown computer training institution, it is very easy to verify MS certificates.

Further, according to Microsoft, 64% of IT managers prefer Microsoft certificates to other certificates. Certification, training, and experience are the three main areas that provide better recognition to a person when it comes to promotions and incentives.

Microsoft says:

“In high-growth industries, entry-level employees who hold a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers.”

Holding Microsoft certifications can help you gain an edge over your peers, colleagues, and fellow students in long term as well as for short terms. These certificates are accepted worldwide and are much better than certifications from unknown computer training institutes. For example, even though DOEACC is a Indian government body providing certificates and Diplomas in different subjects, chances are high that DOEACC will not be recognized outside India as much as Microsoft’s is recognized.

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Microsoft Certification is an industry standard that is recognised worldwide. If you have earned your Microsoft Certification, you can access a number of benefits that can be found on the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) member website. You can get all the details here at Microsoft.

Click on the image below to see the latest Microsoft Certification Roadmap.

Microsoft Certification Roadmap

How to study guide & useful links:

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    How can I give exam for this certification.
    I mean it is offline or online.
    Do i have to register in any test centre.
    How much it cost ?
    Plz can you provide the link or any nice article like this to provide more info regarding , how to apply, fee, how to prepare,how to give test, where to give test etc. I searched on internet but not found any exact info. Plz help

  2. Arun Kumar

    You’ll have to register with MS associate for the particular exam that you wish to attend. Exams are online. This link should get you started:

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