Microsoft Learning Partner: Requirements, Benefits, How to become one

A while ago, we talked about Microsoft offering different certifications in the field of Microsoft technologies. We discussed how it is possible to get certified directly from Microsoft for higher certifications such as MCSE and even for smaller office automation software such as Microsoft Office. This post expands on the previous post by providing where to prepare for Microsoft certifications the best way. It explains what is Microsoft Learning Partner and how to become a Microsoft Learning Partner, the requirements and how to find one near your location.

Microsoft Learning Partner

Microsoft Learning Partner

Microsoft Learning Partners, as is evident from the name, are partners of Microsoft who provide training to people willing to excel in Microsoft technologies. The partners can be a company or an individual who has undergone vigorous training on different Microsoft products and technologies and after passing a tough exam, is now certified to provide training directly in person or via online technologies.

There are a range of exams offered by Microsoft partners and almost all of them are online. Microsoft Learning Partners offer help and training to students willing to appear for the examinations and assist them in taking exams for being certified.

Benefits of Learning Through Microsoft Learning Partners

Although it is true that you can prepare for the exams independently, there are certain benefits available only to the students learning under Microsoft Learning Partners.

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It takes less time to prepare for examinations. Microsoft says it takes one to five days for learning a skill without missing out on the essentials of any software. Obviously, this statement seems valid for one application, rather than a suite of applications required in higher Microsoft certifications. The students will gain a level of proficiency that is available only via hands on labs, simulations and real-world applications of skills.

Students will be learning more than what the syllabus covers and without any additional stress. Learning from Microsoft Learning Partners will provide you with material that you can access long after you have been certified or passed the examinations.

In short, the Microsoft Learning partners are provided with tools that other institutes cannot lay hands on – such as training material straight from Microsoft, internal tools and more. They use these tools to train you on the type of certification you wish. Thus, they are better than learning individually or by joining just any institute that provides similar courses.

Besides the tools provided by Microsoft Learning Partners, you can visit the Born To Learn community and get access to many other resources that you might use in preparing and consulting for the exams. You can discuss with fellow students and check out how your progress compares to others.

How to find a Microsoft Learning Partner near you

Microsoft has a page dedicated to locating Microsoft Learning Partners in your area. You have to enter the details such as city, province, zip code and the range of perimeter within which, you wish to locate a Microsoft Learning partner. You can access the Microsoft Learning Partner Location page by clicking here.

How to become a Microsoft Learning Partner

If you have good command over Microsoft technologies and a flair for training, you may consider becoming a Microsoft Learning Partner to provide training to students aspiring for Microsoft certifications. Learning Partners are classified as Silver Partners and Gold Partners.  There are certain pre-requisites to become a Microsoft Learning Partner. If you meet the requirements, you can fill up the form and pay the required fee to start yourself as a Microsoft Learning Partner. The details on how to become a Microsoft Learning partner are available here. If you are already a training institute, taking up the program can enhance your business in many ways.

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