How the Microsoft Cakes to Mozilla have evolved over time … to mini cupcakes!

This time its a mini. But bang on, Microsoft did what was expected and delivered, or rather gifted Mozilla with a mini cupcake to mark the launch of the final version of Firefox 6, 14th August 2011.

This is the fifth cake which Microsoft has gifted the Mozilla Team over launching the respective Firefox web browser version. Interested in knowing how these cakes ‘evolved’ over these years?

Yes I would use the word ‘evolve’ because gradually these cakes became cupcakes …

Cake 1. Gifted after the launch of Firefox 2 on October 24, 2006. (Black n White)

Cake 2. Gifted after the launch of Firefox 3 on June 17, 2008. (Look at the huge IE logo!)

Cake 3. Gifted after the launch of Firefox 4 on March 22, 2011. (Would love to know who wrote this on the cake!)

Cake 4. Gifted after the launch of Firefox 5 on June 21, 20011. (Beautiful)

Cake 5. Gifted after the launch of Firefox 6 on August 14, 2011. (Awww so small!)

You think this was all? Nope! After 6 weeks, expect another gift from the Microsoft IE team for the launch of Firefox 7. But this time, I guess it’ll be a muffin or a donut.  😀

Looks like Microsoft is getting tired gifting a cake to Mozilla every 6 weeks. But well, atleast Microsoft is sending something. When will Mozilla reciprocate!?

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