Tips and Tricks for playing Sea of Thieves game

After playing Sea of Thieves for a couple of days, It’s pretty interesting to learn few things which can shape the way you play the game. I had played with 4 crew, 2 crew, and even solo to understand how things are managed. In this post, I am sharing my bit of experience that should help you as well.

Sea of Thieves game tips and tricks

Before you set sail, Stock up! If you have read out the guide to getting started with Sea of Thieves, you already know where I am pointing you to.  Planks, Bananas, and Canon Balls are three important resources you will need every time. Every Player has the capacity to carry few of them, and so everytime you start, first move around the outpost to pick whatever number is possible for you. Eventually, you will have to make it a habit for you to keep collecting them.

Sea of Thieves game tips and tricks

  • Keep collecting these resources, especially bananas, from every island you visit.
  • On the ship, you will have barrels. Go to them, and you can store if they are not full.
  • Make sure to keep planks, and banana always with you.  This comes in very handy when your ship is hit or you get badly hurt in the battle.

How to Sail the Ship!

There are three major parts of the ship. The Sail, Anchor and the Compass. When it comes to bigger ships, you have three sails, and for smaller ones, you have just one. So, it is easy to understand the difficulty to manage them, and you will need at least one two people managing those three sails all the time.

  • When you look at the sky, there are white curvy lines moving around. These are winds, and they give you a clear sense of its direction. Depending on how far you want to go, angle, and deploy length your sales before pulling up the anchor.
  • Anchors can be dropped or pulled up.  Dropping part is easy, it takes a second, so always make sure whoever is navigating, has one person on the anchor when its time. Pulling up anchor takes more time.
  • Use the Anchor to take a steep turn. This is my favorite thing to do whenever I feel like taking a steep U-turn or when you want to skip some cannonballs. When your helm is set for the turn, you drop the anchor and feel the torque.
  • To figure out if the Helm is at the central position, wait for the vibration when you are steering it.
  • You will have to estimate Ship speed based on its size. Smaller ships are faster because the drag doesn’t hit it that much compared to larger ships. However, larger ships sail much faster compared to smaller one with the wind.
  • Make sure one person or yourself (when sailing alone) keep a check on the direction by looking at the map table. Especially in storms when the compass on the Helm doesn’t work, the table map is the only way out. You can always use LEFT and RIGHT in that case.
  • Never anchor your ship in case of Storm. You will end up getting your ship flooded. Make sure to keep getting water thrown out during these times.

Learn how to change & buy weapons in Sea of Thieves

You have two weapons when you start. One is the trusty cutlass and second is the flintlock pistol. I only realized later, that you can choose different weapons from the “Armory” cabinet. Its located on the ship on the first level. and can also be found at islands here, and there, but Ship is probably the best place to do it. It also acts as storage to choose from all the weapons you buy from the Outpost.

There are two more weapons in the armory. A short-range canon, which is just like a shotgun, and a long ranged rifle. While you can swap them, I would suggest having the sword all the time with you, and switch to the short-range canon also called “Blunderbuss. Follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to an Armory cabinet which is on the ship, and press X to open the Armory.
  2. You can navigate between weapon category using  LB and RB.
  3. Press A to equip a weapon. and then select the slot or weapon to replace.

As you complete voyages, you will collect gold coins. Using these, you can buy new weapons from the gun vendor. However, you should know that buying new weapons doesn’t give you any big advantage. They have the same power. The gun vendor is available at the outpost.

Leveling up for Legendary Quests:

Quests are the sole of Sea of Thieves. Everything else is cosmetic, and changes. As you complete more, and more voyages, you level up based on the type of quests. There are three types of level-up. First is for Gold Quests, the second for Merchant based quests, and the last one is for Order of Souls. As you level up, you get the option to buy more rewarding quests. So focus on it.

I am guessing Rare, will bring more updates to the game, so till then concentrate on leveling up, and completing more voyage.

Selling Chests Safely:

The chests you collect can be taken by another pirate if he is not in the crew. Many a time I have seen few ships around, and then attack you to grab all the chest, and treasure you collect. You have to be very careful about it. There are two ways of doing this.

First, every time you collect a chest, get back to the outpost quickly and sell it. Make sure there is no other ship parked, if yes, be careful, and use water to get to the gold merchant.

Second, you can keep a couple of quests handy, and if the islands are nearby on the new map, complete them while on the go. This is efficient, but risks are little higher. Your experience will come in handy.

Battling the Ships:

Happens from time to time – but you have to decide based on your ship size, and your skill. Small ships can escape faster, take steep turns. While Bigger ships have more firepower, more crew members. You can always engage for fun, you have nothing to lose except for the chest, choose wisely!

Everything else:

You can refill your gun by going back to Armory box everytime you run out of bullets.  Guns are the easiest way to take out an enemy, but they are limited as well. So make sure to refill.

If you are accidentally left by your crew mate or you fell off the ship, you will see a creepy looking mermaid in the sea water. Just go to her, and she will get you back to the ship.

Many don’t realize, but you have access to compass, and spyglass to find your direction, and spot an enemy. Many times you will forget where your ship is, and using a compass helps.

Learn to use Charge attack using the right trigger. It’s useful when you need to take down the captains and If you ever face an annoying crew mate, Lock him Down. Find this option in the menu. Crew members will have to vote.

I am sure there many more tips that will come out of the experience. If you have any, let us know in the comments.

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