Set Windows 10 to restart immediately to install an important Updates

One of the best features in Windows 10 v1903 is that Microsoft is not forcing feature updates unless their service terms have expired. It also means that some of the updates, including important ones, can get unnoticed. Apart from this, updates need to honor Active Hour settings. In this post, we are sharing a trick which will make Windows 10 restart immediately when required to install an important update. This is especially useful in the case of Security Updates.


Restart the device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install an update

The feature is off by default for all installations. Here is how to turn it on:

  1. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Option.
  2. Toggle on the option which says – Restart the computer as soon as possible to install the update.

That’s it. The next time a critical update becomes available, Windows will immediately install the update, and if required, restart the computer after giving you a warning.

The full details go as:

Restart the device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install an update. Windows will display a notice before the restart, and the device must be plugged in.

Windows will give you enough time to save your work. Usually, a notice about it will show up in the Action Center or a pop-up about the scheduled restart. In case you have an urgent job, you need to complete, you can abort the shutdown with this command.

If you are using a laptop, keep it unplugged, so it doesn’t start automatically. However, make sure to restart and complete the update when your work is complete. Windows 10 v1903 has a new icon for Windows 10 Update notifications. It becomes available in the notification area or system tray alerting you to restart your device.

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