Best Linux alternatives to Windows 10 OS


  1. Unix or Linux is great alternate since many users of XP cannot upgrade to Windows 10 due to RAM issues

  2. I look forward to Mint 18 in a few months; to be built on Ubuntu 16.04 with latest kernel; I use Mint and like it, but for me on Win7 Acers to Dell Inspirons core i5/i7, Mint 17.2/17.3 with Cinnamon accrues stability, modprobe, and intramfs problems after enough “priority 1 thru 3” updates (likely as highest supported kernel is 3.19, some “1-3” updates also geared to include newer and “priority 4 and 5” updates blacklisted as they’re for newer kernels only…not good, since many such updates patch security or encryption issues, leaving one playing “Do I feel lucky?”). This has been true for me whether using generic 3.xx kernels, or so-called “Exton” kernel or 17.3 Mint 4.2 kernel via software manager.

    I also hear that underlying Ubuntu 16.04 unlike 14.04 will permit safe removal of LibreOffice as 16.04 will not share integral files with the LibreOffice core…there’s some space back on USB installs, if true. Hope Mint 18.x series will have kernels reducing need for blacklisting important security and encryption updates.

    Meanwhile, if anyone with 64 bit device would like to try a distro looking more like Windows, knock wood, I’ve found that Mint Mate 17.2/17.3 on full install to disk or ultra-fast USB (and blocking “priority 4 and 5” updates) is more stable for me, has no modprobe/intramfs issues, and is rated by many to be able to run apps as well as Cinnamon (though I’d suggest the free app “Variety” if you want backgrounds in Mate DE); I find such Mate DE despite updates milieu has few encryption issues and via (g)ufw withstands device remote pen tests. Supports WIFI well on newer devices (Win7 up), but can have issues seeing CDs (Google solutions for your hardware, if any). Very low sipping of resources for OS, devotes resources to apps. Good common printers support. Hope this helps, cheers!

  3. Actually we were in the process of updating the post and that’s when you must have seen only 3 alternatives, instead of the now 5 – including Linux Mint & Zorin.

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