5 alternative Operating Systems for PC

I, being a die-hard fan of the Windows OS, have seldom opted for any other operating system so far. However, this is my choice. In reality, there are several other alternative operating systems to the Windows OS which you can try. Some are well-known and developed by large corporations; while some are small projects developed by hobbyists.

Alternative Operating Systems for PC

We have listed some of the alternative operating systems for PC if you wish to go for any other OS than Windows. If you don’t wish to install these alternative operating systems directly on your machine, you can use them on a virtual machine. There are several virtual machine programs available such as VMware Player and VirtualBox.

Here is a list of 5 alternative operating systems for PCs.

1. Chrome OS: If you want to try something completely different, then try Chrome OS. Chrome OS by Google is built on the Linux kernel. However, Chrome OS can replace the desktop and user-level software with a specialized desktop that can only run the Chrome browser and Chrome apps. As a result, Chrome OS can be termed as ‘general-purpose’ operating system. Chrome OS was designed exclusively for Google’s pocket friendly laptops, Chromebooks. However, there are ways, you can install it on your PC as well.

alternative Operating Systems for PC

2. Mac OS X: How can we forget Mac OS X? One of the finest computers created by Apple. These laptops and desktops have a rare combination of style and simplicity. Once again, Mac OS X was designed specifically for and pre-installed on Mac, an Apple device. Hence, people often think that it is not possible to install Apple’s Mac OS X on their PCs. However, you can install Mac OS X with some restrictions on its usage – there are some hacks that allow you to do so. If you are looking for some alternative operating systems for Windows and just want to try them; then you can install Mac OS X. It runs just fine on typical PCs; but you have to deal with the restrictions.

Alternative operating systems

3. Android: So you though that Android is available for smartphones only? Well, now the Android OS is available for laptops and even for desktops. The Android OS is one of the rarely used alternative operating systems of Windows OS. In fact, we suggest that you download it only for trial purpose. The Android OS is designed using the Linux kernel. However, the operating system is different from the typical Linux OS. For PC, it is not much of use and not convenient as the OS doesn’t let multiple apps to run at the same time. You can download the OS for trial.

Alternative operating systems

4. eComStation: eComStation OS is nothing but the OS/2 operating system that was originally created by Microsoft and IBM. After a while, Microsoft left the collaboration; but IBM continued to develop the OS. OS/2 also competed with MS-DOS and some initial versions of Windows operating system. This OS is often seen in old ATMs and PCs. IBM also tried marketing this operating system as OS/2 Warp. Currently, IBM is also not developing the operating system. OS/2 is now belongs to Serenity Systems and the company has the rights to distribute the operating system with the name eComStation. To try this operating system, you will need to download the demo CD.

Alternative operating systems

5. SkyOS: SkyOS is an operating system developed by hobbyist. As a result, SkyOS is not an open source operating system; but a proprietary one. The initial version of SkyOS was available as paid version. However, the last beta version that was released in 2013 was made available as a free download.

Alternative operating systems

Have I missed any? Do post in the comments below.

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  1. menxo

    really poor post.

  2. Michael Schindler

    Totally agree.

  3. selim

    Mentioning nothing about Linux and you say it is an informative post.
    I think you should erase the Mac OSX and insert Amazon Kindle OS Emulator for number 2!

  4. Thomas Klein

    My first thought was “that blogpost musta been from last year” but I was surprised to see that it is a very recent one. Reason being – eComStation no longer is maintained. It went from Serenity Systems to Arca Noae Software some time ago and is now codenamed as BlueLion: (https://www.arcanoae.com/blue-lion-go/)

    Nevertheless, I appreciate the post topic.
    Just wondering why it doesn’t mention Haiku OS while we’re at. Not to mention all the Linux flavors around, specifically those which target at ex-XP users looking for alternatives to W7,W8,W10 on their probably “outdated” hardware – such as Lubuntu/Xubuntu or LXLE. Also I suggest to Elementary OS a try if you want eye-candy Linux spins.

  5. Marc

    Tell us more about the restrictions.

  6. Coral O'Reilly

    Does anyone remember an operating system that came into existence in the mid to late eighties, around the same time as Windows, …it began, I think, with Qua—-

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