5 lesser known Windows 10 features you should use

Since the release of Windows 10, we’ve gone through every aspect of the operating system to see what it can do from what it cannot do. Full disclosure, Windows 10 is spectacular due to all the new things the user can do, but there are still several features most folks might have no idea exists.

Lesser known Windows 10 features you should use

Now, we know that Windows 10 brought forward a slew of flashy features, and Microsoft is preparing to bring more to the table with the Creators Update. However, we need to talk about the features that have been placed on the backburner, the features many are using today.

Record video games and computer screen

The Xbox Live app is quite powerful, but many might not know of some of the cool features it has brought to Windows 10. For years when folks feel the need to record their gameplay and whatever that is on their computer screen, they are forced to download third-party x86 software.

That’s not an issue seeing as many third-party programs for recording gameplay and the computer screen delivers a solid experience. To be truthful, some are better than what the Xbox Live app has to offer.

Microsoft calls this feature, Game DVR. To activate it, the user must launch the Game Bar, which can only initiate when the Xbox Live app is active. The user can visit the Settings area to decide if the Game Bar comes up automatically when a game begins, or manually via simple keyboard combinations.

Windows 10 Native Touchpad Setting

lesser known Windows 10 features

Usually, the user had to rely on the third-touchpad software that is bundled with every computer. But what if the user is unable to locate the OEM driver after reinstalling Windows 10? Worry not, Microsoft has you covered big time.

Here’s the thing, the company has provided its own settings for the touchpad. Just launch the Settings app, then maneuver to Devices > Mouse and Touchpad. From there, the users should come across several options related to the touchpad.

Ability to sideload apps

In the early days of Windows 10, the Windows Store was the only source to download “Universal” apps. This is no longer the case because Microsoft has made it possible for folks to sideload apps. Meaning, they can download apps from other sources outside of the Windows Store at their own risk.

Go to Settings > Updates and Security > For Developers. From there, just select Sideload Apps and get on your way. One thing to remember is that you should Sideload only those apps that you trust completely for sure.

Use Windows Defender as a second opinion scanner

Limited Periodic Scanning in Windows Defender is a new feature addition made available in the Windows 10. It improves system security by using the built-in Windows Defender as an additional scanner, if you have installed any third-party antivirus. To enable Limited Periodic Scanning simply go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender and Turn Limited Periodic Scanning On.

OneDrive’s Fetch Files feature

Don’t be surprised, but some might have no idea that it’s possible to use OneDrive to access files on a Windows 10 PC. Yes, this can be done from anywhere in the world as long as the Windows 10 PC is turned on and connected to the web. Windows 10 allows you to fetch files remotely from Windows 10 PC using OneDrive website.

Overall, these features are some of the best available to the Windows 10 user, but maybe you missed them.Go ahead and give these features a test run to find out which one is more fitting for your everyday activities.

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  1. Aiden

    If the first function is good, why DOTA 2 and CS:GO keep reminding players to disable XBox Game DVR?

  2. Tim Bates

    That last one sounds more like a gaping hole to me. Glad I uninstall OneDrive when I see it. Pity MS reinstall it with every major update.

  3. Jim

    Windows defender is 1 of the most unreliable pieces of software around. It still miss most issues any other anti virus will find.

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