Download latest firmware and driver download for all Surface devices

You can download the latest firmware and driver download for Surface GO, Surface Book, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro 4, Surface 3, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro with LTE Advanced, Surface Studio, Surface devices with Windows RT from Microsoft.

Firmware is a program that comes embedded in a piece of hardware such as a keyboard, hard drive, BIOS, or a video card. It is designed to give permanent instructions to communicate with other devices in a system and perform functions like basic input/output tasks. Device Drivers are software which lets you use anything on PC with the OS. There are drivers for graphics card, keyboard, mouse, and everything else.

Latest firmware & driver download for Surface devices

It is always very important to keep your Surface devices updated for proper functioning. Though Windows Updates roll out automatically, we sometimes need to download and install some updates manually. If you own a Surface Device, you can download all the latest firmware and drivers on a single page. Here on this page, you will find several downloadable files. You can download these files and install the firmware and drivers as per your suitability. The page also helps you in learning various deployment methods for your firmware and drivers.

The updates released for Surface devices are mostly the cumulative updates which bring the roundup of all the latest files for the specific version of Windows.

Microsoft has reorganized the links to make it easier for you. The drivers and download files are categorized as per the model of your device. The download page clearly shows the model number of the Surface Devices with their respective links to the download page. Which means that there is a separate download page for every model of Surface Device. You need to find the correct page for your device, and then you can start downloading and installing the required files and drivers.

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The drivers and the firmware are available in the ZIP and MSI files. If you don’t know, the MSI file will automatically deploy all the relevant drivers to your device automatically, whereas in the ZIP file you have to select the files manually. You can selectively install the drivers you want.

There are multiple files available with each download. You can select the files you want to download on your device. Every file link has the version number, date it was published and the file size.

Before you start downloading the files, make sure that your Surface device is charged at least to 40%.

Moreover, insufficient battery may result in transient failure and Windows may then try to reinstall the firmware updates.

Installation instructions

Go to, select your device model and download the files you want. Read the instructions carefully. You then have to create your custom image for installation on your device. Make sure you have an active internet connection while you are downloading and installing the updates.

The drivers and firmware available for download here are compatible with Windows 10 versions only.

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