Measure Local Area Network speed with LAN Speed Test

We widely use speed test software to check our internet connection speed, using tools like speedtest, speakeasy, etc. When it comes to LAN, hard drive or USB drive speed tests, there is no better tool then LAN Speed Test. LAN Speed Test is simple yet powerful tool to check LAN connection speed and hard drive read-write speeds.

LAN Speed Test

Measure Your LAN Speed with LAN Speed Test

To begin with the program there should be at least two computers in the same network, as it is required to run the test to get the exact numbers of packet data sent and received by the program. Once it is confirmed that you have atleast 2 computers in the network, go ahead download and run LAN Speed Test.

After the installation is complete, users will be greeted with program T&C, when the application is executed for the first time. On the second screen of the program, it will ask to browse for the folder, where it will save the log files.

LAN Speed Test then asks user to select the amount of data that is needed to transfer, to check the speed in Megabits, Megabytes, Kilobytes and Gigabytes format. Megabytes is the default size use to measure the speed connection. The number of data packets that are sent to check the speed is 100 MB (default), but this can be defined by the user, based on their requirements.

Once all the settings in LAN Speed Test are adjusted and verified according to the requirement, then push the “START TEST” button to run the test and get the result. The time duration to complete the test lasts for less than a minute.

Features of LAN Speed Test

  • Easy and portable to use -runs test in just few seconds
  • Small installation file (182KB) and can be executed from hard drive, USB drive etc.
  • Very fast, more tests can be executed in less than 1 minute
  • Offers log viewing screen where in one can see speed test logs
  • Open and save option in .CSV file format
  • Customizable speed measurement
  • Command line mode feature allows network administrators to start the test from client’s workstation and view the automatically generated file anywhere.

There are already many speed testing tools available in the market but LAN Speed Test gives the exact result on a home network connection. The usefulness of such tool helps user to identify, diagnose the data packet when it comes to stream contents over the network.

LAN Speed Test application is available for free download and is compatible even with Windows 8.1.

You can download it from its home page.

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  1. Andrey

    It’s not completely free. Some options require registration, although not expensive, only $6.00, there are options that are 100% free. In this case the iperf is a good choice.

  2. Abhishek Shukla

    It’s not completely free user have to buy the product for $6, if user is looking for advance features to play with.

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