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Dukto: Cross-platform file sharing & transfer tool

Dukto is a free tool designed to share files and information over LAN. Available for a variety of platforms, Dukto can be very useful if you share files very frequently over different devices. Dukto is available for almost all the […]

Measure Your LAN Speed with LAN Speed Test

Measure Local Area Network speed with LAN Speed Test

We widely use speed test software to check our internet connection speed, using tools like speedtest, speakeasy, etc. When it comes to LAN, hard drive or USB drive speed tests, there is no better tool then LAN Speed Test. LAN […]

Lanshark: A free P2P LAN file sharing tool.

Lanshark is a free P2P file sharing tool for Local Area Networks. It allows you to share and manage files in your local area network more efficiently and easily. Its interface and the additional web interface make it easier to use and […]

Improve Wireless Connection Latency With WLAN Optimizer

An annoying feature that computer users persistently have to deal while playing online games is signal strength issues. One is likely to face the same even while chatting and browsing. These problems occur due to latency lags, i.e. time taken […]

LAN Messengers Free Download

Top 3 free LAN Messengers for your Windows PC

If you are at your workplace or at your office and want a free communication source in your office, so that you can stay in contact with all your employes and can have a conference within your office – or […]