Kiddle is a Google powered safe visual search engine for kids

The Internet undoubtedly is a wonderful resource for kids, whether it is about help with their homework, making projects, playing games online, watching videos, listening music or more. However, we as parents always worry about the online safety of kids and want them to stay away from the objectionable content online. Cyber-criminals, malicious websites, obnoxious content may harm kids mentally. Cyberbullies specifically target kids, and stats say that one in every five kids using the internet are exposed to unwanted sex oriented pictures or are approached sexual solicitation.

We as parents can talk to kids about internet perils and explain them about safe web browsing but using a child-friendly search engine can help more., a website has recently launched a child-friendly search engine for kids which promises safe search and web browsing for kids.

Kiddle search engine for kids

How is Kiddle designed specifically for kids? Check out its features:

  • Cute Design- Kiddle comes in a lovely child-friendly interface which contains some cute child-like design. Instead of the plain white background like most of the popular search engines, Kiddle showcases a robot alien and a fun outer space theme.
  • Safe Search– Kiddle filters the search results and desists the websites with explicit or deceptive content. The Kiddle editors actually handpick and check the search results. A specially designed Google Custom Search bar is embedded within the Kiddle search engine so as to filter out the adult material or obnoxious web content.kiddle search cngine
  • Simple Content– Kiddle shows the websites having relevant but simple content written in an easy and understandable way. It shows the kids-oriented results explained in simple words.
  • Big Thumbnails- Kids love pictures and thus Kiddle gives a big thumbnail with each of its search results so as to make them illustrative. The big thumbnails in search results serve as a visual clue and help kids in finding what they are looking for.

Kiddle search engine for kids

  • Privacy– Kiddle doesn’t collects or stores any of your personal information and details. Powered by Google Custom search this kids-oriented search engine uses Google cookies to serve search results.
  • Site Blocking– Kiddle comes with a built-in feature of site blocking where you can block any inappropriate websites. To block a website, you need to fill a form giving the details like sites you want to block and the reason for blocking. Team Kiddle will then review your request and do the needful.kiddle search engine 3
  • Keyword Blocking– Not just the inappropriate sites but you can also block the objectionable keywords in Kiddle. Just fill the form with your email id, the keywords you want to block and the reason for blocking. is often mistaken to be a part of Google. It is powered by Google Safe Search, but not owned by the tech giant.

Let us know what you think of it.

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