New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8.1

Every time a new version of the Windows operating system or an Upgrade is released, you get to see some new keyboard shortcuts. Many of you, may have already read our post on Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts, today let us have a look at some new keyboard shortcuts that Windows 8.1 introduces – some of which were introduced by Windows 8.1 Update. Several new hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts were introduced with Windows 8.1 Upgrade too.

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Windows 8.1 new keyboard shortcuts

Let us check out 10 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8.1.

Win+D : Show or Hide Desktop

Win+T : Open taskbar, when on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen. On the desktop, it selects the first app on the taskbar.

Alt+F4 : This will completely shut down a Windows Store app and bring you to the desktop. But if you are on the Desktop, it will still bring the old Shutdown dialog box.

Win+Tab : Switches between apps and the desktop

Alt+Tab : Switches between all apps, including desktop apps

Home key : When on the Start Screen or Desktop, pressing Home key takes you to the first or top left most Tile or Icon as the case may be.

End key : When on the Start Screen or Desktop, pressing End key will take you to the last or left-most Tile or Icon of the bottom-most row.

Escape key : When on the Start Screen, pressing Esc key takes you to the Desktop. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Win+.+Right Arrow or Win+.+Left Arrow : Place up to four apps side by side.

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keyboard shortcuts in windows 8.1

Win+Down arrow : Closes Windows Store app and makes it run in the background.

Let me know if I missed out any!

You can see the full list of shortcuts here at Microsoft.

Check out this video by Scott Hanselman of Microsoft which talks about using hotkeys effectively.

Windows 7 users may want to download our free Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts eBook.

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