The Complete Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts eBook

We are pleased to release The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook. Windows 7 includes a lot of new keyboard shortcuts that are unknown to a new user. This eBook comprises of more than 200 keyboard shortcuts containing almost all the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows 7 and its default programs like Paint, WordPad, MS Office, Calculator, Help, Media Player, Media Center, Windows Journal, Internet Explorer, etc.

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

The eBook is pretty exhaustive and the topics covered include:

– What is Keyboard & how to use it?
– How keys are organized on a standard Keyboard
– Typing & editing the text using Keyboard
– Using Keyboard Shortcuts
– Find program shortcuts
– Choose menus, commands, and options
– Some useful shortcuts
– Using the keyboard extras
– Using navigation keys
– Using the numeric keypad
– Three odd keys
– Use your keyboard safely
– Create keyboard shortcuts to open programs
– Make the keyboard easier to use
– Type without using the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard)
– Set On-Screen Keyboard to use for various handy tasks

– The Shortcuts Collection
– General Windows functions keyboard shortcuts
– Dialog box keyboard shortcuts
– Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts
– Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts
– Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts
– Magnifier keyboard shortcuts
– Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts
– Keyboard shortcuts for MS Paint
– Keyboard shortcuts for WordPad
– Keyboard shortcuts for Calculator
– Windows Journal keyboard shortcuts
– Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts
– Windows Media Player keyboard shortcuts
– Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts
– Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts.

The eBook is bookmarks-ready, both in PDF and XPS format, with a fully linked content index.

Keyboard junkies and enthusiasts, you definitely want to have a look at this one!

Download: The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook.

This free eBook, being released by us, has been authored by Windows 7 enthusiast and TWCF member Nitin Agarwal.

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  1. Vishal Gupta

    Nice work by Nitin and thanks to TWC for publishing it. 🙂

  2. nice compilation nitin

  3. mansing chavan

    heeeeeeeeeeeeee nice work. i like it, it’s amazing

  4. freeblogger

    Nice…I dont know why you did not offer this e-book with a sales price

  5. Great ebook, thank you very much for this. I’m just writing a new post on my blog about it.


  6. Johnny Haynes

    Sounds like a cool book

  7. 'Erik Thalund Petersen


  8. iwan

    Good content and usefully thank you and thank you

  9. Neil Marquilencia

    Usefull ebook. Thanks TWC.

  10. Randy Rehwoldt

    Where is the download location for this e-book-the Complete Windows Shor Cut e-book?

  11. At the end of the post, it says;
    Download: The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook.

  12. jimmy

    hey de casualiada no hay en español quisiera leerme este documento…

  13. Bobbie M McKissack

    Is there any way I can get a hard copy of this
    information; I cannot afford all the paper this would
    require, plus I do better with a hard copy. Thanks
    for your time.

  14. Nope, there is no hard copy available! You will have to just download it and print a copy for yourself 🙂

  15. Sleeve

    I have been using keyboard shortcuts to open programs for decades but what I haven’t figured out is how to change them. If you install a new Office, for example, how do you get your shortcut (ctl-alt-w) to point to the new winword.exe (other than by reinstalling Windows). It must be a registry hack but I’ve looked and can’t find it anywhere.

  16. saurabh vashishta

    i m very thankful of urs,its amazing,i m so much happy after got it.u can offer this e-book with a sales price. thanx thanx thanx thanx.we all love u nitin agarwal


    thankyou for giving this e-book for free, nice post

  18. nitesh prasad

    thankyou for releasing it

  19. Eugene Brooks

    Steph Heroux; I tried the link and this is the download I got.

    I already have this list, it is where I found the link for the file. But no ebook download. EB.

  20. ^ Please click on ‘Download’ and use the download link mentioned at the end of this post. It works!

    If other blogs have directly hot-linked to any of our apps or downloads, then their readers land up at the gereneral freeware page.

  21. Muhammad Qaiser Abbas

    hi dear thankx alot for this nice gift, i really appreciate your effort for this gift, ALLAH may bless you

  22. imran

    Nice book help full

  23. Gunney Highway

    @Bobbie M McKissack, put the PDF on a USB thumb drive, take it to your local Staples and pay for them to prin it for you. Done.

  24. mehdi

    Hi thanks very much from download link’s.


    I just want to tell that in my computer “stand by” button is “off” when we go for “shut down” kindly enlighten me how to turn it “on” thanks a million…

  26. TJH

    Excellent! Very thorough and detailed. Many I knew and a lot more that I didn’t.

    Thanks for publishing.

  27. NitinA@TWC

    Thanks a lot to everyone for appreciating my work! Thanks again.

  28. susan kindlr

    hi NitinA,

    I cannot download your ebool of windows 7 shortcuts. I tried several times, but after the windows asks do you want to run or save, I clicked run , then nothing happens. I waitied a real long time , then a window popped up saying it was trying to open in an un-safe mode, so i used task manager to get out of it and haven;t tried again. I really wanted this, too. can you help me, please? thank you, susan

  29. Hi Susan,

    You have to click Save. This will save the file to your computer. Then extract the contents of this zip file.

  30. hi,anant

    i find pronblems when tried to download a win7 shortcut keys from this server.

  31. ^ I just reconfirmed. The download link is working fine 🙂

  32. Jyotirmaya Das


  33. Dhavalashah1986

    Sorry I can’t find the link for download..Can you please send me a like for this….or suggest from where can I download it.

  34. Shahzad Ahmed Khan


  35. Chaz

    Don’t download this. It is completely useless. If anybody knew that Windows contains a certain programme called “Help,” they would realise that EVERY SINGLE SHORTCUT AND EVERYTHING ELSE in this so-called ebook was COPIED AND PASTED DIRECTLY FROM HELP.

    It is a LOT easier to find them in Help. No downloads required. Just Press the Start Button, Press Help and Support, type “shortcuts” in the search box and open the first result, and hey-presto, there they are!

    Other parts of the “ebook” were copied from several different articles in Help, as were the pictures and diagrams. The parts that weren’t copied (i.e. the intro) had atrocious grammar and made little sense anyway.

    My computer mouse broke and I have been using the keyboard exclusively with no problem except for one exception: clicking on hyperlinks in webpages is tedious because I have to tab through everything else as well to get to it. I thought this would be useful. It wasn’t.

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