Ultimate List Of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Make your Windows 8 work better for you, using these keyboard shortcuts. We have seen some of the explorer shortcuts for Windows 8 explorer. Now here is a complete list of global keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Win+Y : Temporarily peek at the desktop

Win+X : Launch Start Menu

Win+J : Swap foreground or switch focus between the snapped and filled apps

Win+O : Locks device orientation

Win+M : Minimize all Windows on the desktop

Win+V : Cycles through toasts

Win+Shift+V : Cycles through toasts in reverse order

Win+Enter : Launches Narrator

Win+PgUp : Moves tiles to the left

Win+PgDn : Moves tiles to the right

Win+Shift+. : Moves the split to the left

Win+B : Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop

Win+P : Choose between available display

Win+D : Show Desktop

Win+U : Open Ease of Access Center

Win+. : Moves the split to the right

Win+, : Peek at the desktop

Win+/ : Initiate input method editor reconversion

Win+F : Opens Metro File Search

Win+C : Opens Charms Bar

Win+E : Opens Windows Explorer Computer folder

Win+R : Opens Run

Win+I : Opens Settings charm

Win+K : Opens Connect charm

Win+H : Opens Share charm

Win+Q : Opens Search pane

Win+W : Opens Settings Search app

Win+L : Lock computer

Win+Z : Opens App Bar

Win Key : Bring up Start Screen

Win+Enter : Launches Narrator

Win+Arrow Keys :– Enable Aero Sna

Win+spacebar : Switch input language and keyboard layout

Win+Tab : Cycle through apps

Win+Shift+Tab : Cycle through apps in reverse order

Win+Ctrl+Tab : Cycle through apps and snap them as they cycle

Ctrl+Tab : Launches All Apps list on Start Screen.

Complete list of Windows 8 shortcuts

You can check out the COMPLETE LIST of Windows 8 shortcuts here at Microsoft. The list includes Start Screen shortcuts, General keyboard shortcuts, Dialog box keyboard shortcuts, Windows logo keyboard shortcuts, Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts, Taskbar keyboard shortcuts, Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts, Magnifier keyboard shortcuts, Narrator keyboard shortcuts, Narrator touch keyboard shortcuts, Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts, Paint keyboard shortcuts, WordPad keyboard shortcuts, Calculator keyboard shortcuts, Windows Journal keyboard shortcuts and Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts.

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Ken Walters of Microsoft has also uploaded the complete list of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. You can download both the PDF and XPS formats here. If you are unable to download it from there, you may download the XPS file from our server.

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