How to Enable Hyper-V in Windows 10/8


  1. thanks for the article. I’m interested in trying this but i have a few questions. Do the virtual machines run using virtualized drivers? how do games/specialist apps perform if native drivers aren’t present? Is it possible to run a game or an audio package that uses asio drivers etc in each vm?

  2. Hello. For some reason I do not see the Hyper V option in my Windows Features List. I am not running Windows 8 Pro, just the regular version of Windows 8. Would this have something to do with it? Also, I have all of the hardware requirements necessary for Hyper V to work properly. I need Hyper V to run the Windows Phone 8 emulator. Is there a way to download this software another way? I have searched everywhere but haven’t seemed to turn up any useful info, anything would help! Thanks in advance!

  3. Anyone else having following problem? Before installing Hyper-V on Windows 8, I run CoreInfo -v, and it reports HYPERVISOR -, EPT *. After installing Hyper-V, CoreInfo -v reports HYPERVISOR *, EPT -.

  4. In the function turn on or off windows features there is no such selection as hyper-v please give some advice

  5. i have Dell Inspiron 5520 model and i want to use an windows phone emmulator. but hyper-v is not enabled in my system what to do??

  6. I am unable to configure my system becoz my bios settings are different and when we add windows features in programs der also hyper-v is not present. plzzz suggest me somthing

  7. can u plzzz tell me that does windows 8.1 supports hyper-v or not??? i m having too much problem i want to use an emulator but hyper-v is not present anywhere in my pc

  8. yes sir i m having probleme of hyper-v in my system is Dell Inspiron 5520 model,in this i cant find Hyper-v anywhere in my system.and in bios virtualization is enabled then tooo its not working plzzzz help mee

  9. I have windows 8.1 Pro. Is there a way to enable Hyper-V Platform without an internet connection? It keeps wanting to Download files from Windows Update.

  10. I’m using windows 8.1 and I can not enable hyper-v , when I try apper the following msg is not possible to enable Hyper-V support for virtualization disabled on firmware….please someone help m

  11. i have hyper-v present according to systeminfo and coreinfo, yet the option for me to enable it in the “turn windows features on or off” is not available, need help with this. urgent work! :/

    note: SLAT, VTx and all other requirements are met and thouroghly checked.

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