Understanding how Hyper-V will work on Windows 10/8


  1. “Installing virtualized operating systems on one PC was almost not possible on earlier client versions of Windows”

    Do you not think this statement is a little misleading? Virtual pc has been around for 6 years and VMware for well over 10.

    One of the big selling points of Windows 7 was XP Mode, itself a virtualisation if an OS on another OS.

  2. The Sentence is absolutely correct in context using Hyper-V on Client OS. If you have used Windows Server 2008 R2 you will know it better. As far as Windows 7 goes there was Hyper-V available for Server. You where not allowed to install Virtual Windows Server on Windows 7.
    Now Windows 8 has the leverage. You can do it very well on this. Perhaps it gives you more flexibility regarding memory allocation which is done dynamically. Yes Hyper-V has been part of OS for 5 years, never it has been part of Client OS and such optimized.. 🙂

  3. This is very nicely explained.. i never knew about this concept .. author has done great effort it seems to bring information to one place.. i like… thanks 🙂

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