Is Your Microsoft Windows Software Genuine? Report Counterfeit Software here!


  1. I have owned two HP 200-5020’s for about 4 years and I had
    to restore my wife’s computer from a factory default install and now it states
    “This copy of Windows is not genuine”. I have read many posts of the HP site
    that state Microsoft will correct the issue to just call Microsoft customer
    service. I did just that and they
    remoted into the computer and said there is nothing they can do that HP has
    locked the registration code and informed me that I have to call HP technical
    support. I have tried call the support number listed on the website and all you
    get is an IVR that gives business customer another number to call and directs
    consumers to go to the website.

    I registered the computer with HP the day I purchased from
    BestBuy, I can only assume that HP has pirated the Windows 7 software and is
    unable to provide any form of legal support for the product and has defrauded

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