Access or move a window, when its title bar goes off screen in Windows

On occasions it may have happened that the title bar of your open application window in Windows 10/8/7,  may have moved off screen, i.e. your application window slides off the desktop, as a result of which you are unable to move or close the window with the help of your mouse pointer.

explorer title bar

Window title bar goes off screen

This post shows how to move a window that is off screen in Windows with the keyboard and bring the misplaced off-screen window back to your desktop.

This simple tip which will help you move the window in such situations.

Hold down Alt+Space-bar and then press the M key too. Let go all the keys.

Alternatively, you can also hold Shift down and right-click on the program’s’s icon in the taskbar, and select Move.

You will see your mouse cursor transform into a 4-way arrow and place itself over the window’s title bar.

Now use the arrow keys of your keyboard to relocate or move the window.

Right-click the mouse when you have moved the window and are done.

Window title bar goes off screen

Access UI controls that extend off the screen

If you are unable to access some user interface controls that extend off the screen on low-resolution computers, try this.

Press the ALT key to highlight which control currently has focus. Keep pressing TAB till the focus is moved to the control on the interface that extends off the screen and then press Enter.

To close an application, whose ‘x’ you cannot access, simply press ALT+F4 to close it.

UPDATE: If your Windows supports it, you could use the Aero Snap feature.

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