How to remove File Type associations in Windows 10/8/7

Windows 10/8/7/Vista do not provide a GUI to unassociate or dissociate file type extensions. But if you need to remove file associations, you can do so using this portable utility called Unassociate File Types.

delete file type

Remove File Type associations

Download from the link mentioned below, and save to Desktop.

Next, extract the contents to a folder and run the file unassoc.exe

Now select the file type from the list

Click Remove file association (User).

The user-specific association for the chosen file type is now removed from the registry. The system will now use the global file association settings.

The Remove file association (User) button Removes the user-specific association (via the Open With dialog) for the chosen file type. Note that this button will remain dimmed if there is no user-specific association for the file type.

The Delete file type button Deletes the file type completely from the registry. Both the user-specific and global associations for the chosen file type is removed.

And the Refresh list button, Refreshes the list box contents.

This utility requires administrative privileges to work correctly.

So if you need to remove file associations you can download the free tool here and use it.

PS: If you find that you cannot open a particular file type, then our File Association Fixer will be able to easily help you fix, repair and restore the broken file associations. Incidentally,  you may also want to read about how one can set or change file type associations using the Control Panel in Windows or about the Default Programs Editor for Windows.

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  1. Daniel

    This utility is great!
    I had a .msp file linked to Paint Shop Pro instead of the Msiexec. So I could not apply the patach easily. Using this to remove the association to ‘explorer.exe’ (a Rookie association mistake) worked beautifully.

  2. Thilina

    Absolutely Brilliant…

  3. Bubbajaybo1

    I figured it out for windows 7. the steps are as follows:
    1. Open an elevated command prompt.
    2. type assoc .ext= none .ext needs to be replaced with the file you want to unassociate.
    3. press enter, this should do it, hope it works

  4. Cloud_ST

    I tried the software but no luck, your post helped me out BIG time!, thank you so much!.

  5. Ben

    I had no success with this method – got an error message. Do you remember exactly what you typed at the prompt (spaces & all)?

  6. Cloud_ST

    It’s been a while, but I think I did the exact same thing that he posted up there. Sorry if that didn’t work for you.

  7. Ben

    Thanks for the reply. I’m still looking for a solution & will post if… er, when I find one 😉

  8. Bladimir Valdivia

    in Windows 8.1 does not work, any solution?
    en windows 8.1 no funciona, alguna solución?

  9. Walcy

    Awesome !!!! Phew Phew Phew !!! It worked !!! Thank you So So Much!!!

  10. grateful

    Thank you so very much, I have been trying for weeks to solve this problem.

  11. Md Imrul Hassan

    Thanks. It worked great on windows 7.

  12. Vörös Asztrik

    How to dissociate File Types in Windows 7 / 8
    Oh wait it says “FOR WINDOWS 7 & VISTA”

  13. Aadje Kilbourne

    it asks me to go to administator mode.. wich ??

  14. Mick

    Only for W7 ?

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