GreenForce-Player: Encrypt your media with a password; embed them with a portable media player

Want to encrypt your media files with a password, or save it as an .EXE file with an embedded media player in it?  This article will tell you about a media encrypting software and a media player, combined. GreenForce-Player can protect all your personal video or audio files, and convert them into .EXE format files. You can create your own portable movies which can be run on any Windows PC without installing any media player.

It works as a normal media player. You can create your playlists, check your most recent lists and load video from a URL, which is a very useful feature. You can select the aspect ratio and save the media position.

You can encrypt or decrypt a media file. It will be saved in .GFP format which is only supported by Green Force Media Player. You can save that file in .EXE file too, if you want to embed the media player with it.

It has one more major function. If you encrypt a video file with GreenForce, it will not allow one to take screenshots of the video; viz. no desktop video recorder will be able to take the screenshot of the encrypted media file created with GreenForce.

To encrypt a media file you just need to click on “DRM” menu and then click on “Protect Video”. A pop-up window will open. Select the location of the file you want to encrypt and select where to save it. Then enter and verify the password. I will also recommend you to also enter the “Tip” so that if you forget the password, this will help you.

Next, from the drop-down menu, you can select whether you want to activate or inactivate “Disallow screenshots service”. The video will then be saved in .GFP format.

If you want to save it as .EXE file and want to embed it with a media player you can go to “Others” tab and click on “Add Player to the media file” checkbox. You can select an Expire date; which means that the file would be expired on the date selected by the user.

You can also select the cover file you want for the movie and under the “Tags” tab you can enter the details of file such as “Title”, “Album”, “Interpreter” and “Comments”. Now after entering all your settings, click on the Save button to save the file. It may take a while to save the video.

Now when you will open that saved file it will look like this:

I must say that it is a very useful freeware with some awesome features  – and it is just a 2.87 MB download.

The software comes with 6 languages and you can download it for Windows here. 

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  1. Michael

    wow, really special feature.
    I love the possibility to create a standalone executable with more than one media file included.

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