Google Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook

It’s a rare sight to see Microsoft’s arch rival, Google coming out with a product that primarily benefits users of a Microsoft application. Hence, when Google launched Google Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook, it came as a pleasant surprise to many. On the Google Support page, the company explained that the plugin was intended to allow users of Outlook to join, begin or schedule a Google Hangout video session directly from Mail or Calendar. The plugin support was however limited to the recent versions of Windows OS i.e. Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts for Outlook plugin

It is important here to mention that for installing the Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you must have administrator privileges on your computer. Once the download is complete and plugin is installed, you can notice 2 new buttons in the Office Ribbon for Outlook Mail and Calendar: one for scheduled and one for unscheduled video calls.

Google Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Create a Google Hangouts video call

For this, click ‘Schedule a Hangout’ to create a new meeting populated with Hangouts video call details. Here, you will be presented with ‘Hangout Settings’ window. Enter the necessary information and hit the ‘OK’ button.

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Next, if you are editing a meeting, you can click ‘Add Hangout to meeting. This adds the video call name to the location field and instructions for joining the meeting. Thereafter, you can send emails to all participants with the link and meeting details.

Add hangout


If you would like to start a video session directly, simply, click ‘Start a new Hangout and launch a spontaneous video call. You will find that the video call opens in your default browser.

join video call

Add guests

You can invite participants by adding them as a guest in the video call. Simply send an invitation to them and hit the ‘Invite’ button.

invite friends

That’s it!

So if you want to add video calls to Microsoft Outlook meetings, go get the Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook here.

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