Free software to Lock and Unlock Windows PC using USB Pen Drive

Protecting your computer with a USB has always been an additional feature for securing your Windows computer. If you leave your PC alone for short intervals, then using a USB for locking your Windows PC is recommended for you, as it is instant and safe. You just need to take out your USB drive and boom, your PC is locked – and the instant you plug it back again, it will be unlocked. It is a fast way of locking and unlocking Windows as compared to other methods.

We have already see how we can use the built-in SysKey Utility in Windows 10/8/7, to lock the computer using a USB stick. Today we will list a few free software that will allow you to password-protect, lock, unlock Windows PC using USB Pen Drive. Let us have a look at them.

Software to Lock & Unlock Windows PC using USB Drive



Predator is a free software that turns a USB drive into a key that can be used to lock or unlock your computer. Even if you are logged into your computer, and you plug out the USB drive, the computer will automatically stop responding. As soon as you remove the USB drive, the keyboard and mouse will stop working and when and the screen will turn dark. And when you again plug the USB back in its place, the computer will revert normally. Read more about Predator here.


Add NewWinLockr is another freeware that lets you lock or unlock your Windows computer using a USB flash drive. It supports automatic Keyboard Locking. In addition to this, it comes with a nice Shutdown Prevention feature, which prevents shutdowns or restarts while it is active. The full-screen mode hides away everything from the screen so that no one can view your activity. Read more about WinLockr here.

USB System Lock

USL is an open source USB locking freeware that lets you lock and unlock your device using a USB flash drive. The software can run on almost all USB devices, including MP3 players, Card Readers, etc. There is a limitation of this software, and that it can protect your computer only under the normal boot. It fails to run under Safe Boot. Despite its limitations, it is a good software overall. Click here to download USB System Lock.

lock windows using usb

These apps are very good at their task and can help you out in maintaining an addition layer of security for your Windows computer. If you frequently leave your desk, then you must have one of these apps, so that while leaving your desk you can instantly lock your computer by plugging out the USB and again instantly unlock your computer by plugging in the USB drive.

Also take a look at: USB Raptor.

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