Free Ringtone Maker software download for Windows to create your own ringtones

Ringtones are considered to be one of the most personalized feature of your mobile. As your likings vary you tend to change ringtones from time to time so that every time your phone rings you get to hear your favorite tune or sound. So what is the easiest way to create a new ringtone when you are bored with the same existing ringtone? Use Free Ringtone Maker. It is a portable free ringtone maker that helps you create MP3 ringtones quickly. With this application you can create any type of ringtone for your phone.

Free Ringtone Maker

Free Ringtone Maker makes ringtones from your MP3 file collection according to your choice of music. The usage of this portable ringtone maker is not limited; you can add any MP3 file in it and edit it easily. You can extract desired part of the music from MP3 file and make it your ringtone without much fuss. You can also listen to the selected part before actually cutting and saving the ringtone.

free ringtone maker

Pick a song: Click on “Choose a Song from My Computer” tab and select the song which you want to edit and make your ringtone.

free ringtone maker

To cut the best part of the song: After choosing your favorite song, with the help of the slider you can choose the best part of the song which you likeThis portable application offers you to play and stop your selected part of the song. You can even give effects like fade in, fade out which will increase or decrease the volume at the starting or the ending point of the song.

free ringtone maker

Get the ringtone: In this last step click “Save Ringtone to My Computer” then choose the location where you want to save your ringtoneand you will be done.

Features of Free Ringtone Maker

  1. Open an existing audio file
  2. Create custom ringtones from any audio
  3. Record and Edit your future ringtone
  4. Set starting and ending point for any clip
  5. Play the selected portion
  6. Save the selected file as a new audio file which you can also set as an Alarm, Reminder or Notification

This portable ringtone maker has an easy user interface for use. Even though it doesn’t come with a manual of how to use it, it is so easy that you will never feel the use. The only limitation of this freeware is that it can used only for MP3s. So you always feel the need of using this software for other sound formats as well because of its easy working. Hopefully there is an update around the corner!

Download your copy of Free Ringtone Maker for Windows here. The freeware may make third-party install offers, so be alert while installing it. And before you download it have a look at the Jotti scan This may help you decide if you want to download it.

Have a look at Audacity and some other free Audio Editors too.

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