Free Memory Optimizers & RAM Boosters for Windows 10/8/7

When your computer freezes occasionally, web pages refuse to load, and some programs just fail to startup, chances are your system is losing out on memory. Under such situations, Memory Optimizers may help. Now let clear initially itself, that most consider the role of RAM optimizers suspect. Even from my personal experience, I can say most of them do not work as advertised. While they were popular in the pre-Windows XP days, their use after Windows Vista has dwindled. Nevertheless, for those who may be interested, here is a list of some free Memory Optimizers for Windows 10/8/7 that you may want to have a look at.

Free Memory Optimizers


One program many recommend and which works with a difference is CleanMem.

free memory optimizers

CleanMem adds a task in the Task Scheduler to run every 15 minutes after startup and after the task is created or modified. Once the task is triggered, it runs the CleanMem.exe file, provided the system is idle.


As one of our forum club members writes:

CleanMem doesn’t clean the memory from the processes itself! It asks Windows to do that. When the program starts up it grabs a list of running processes. It then grabs the ID of each process and calls the Windows API EmptyWorkingSet for each processes, CleanMem of course checks the ignore list and skips those processes. Then Windows cleans the process, and once all the processes have been cleaned Cleanmem closes itself.

You can also run it on demand from the context menu.


You can download CleamMem from its home page.

Memory Washer

Another program which looks good is Memory Washer from the makers of AntiTracks Free. The memory and process management program helps you increase your computer’s available physical memory and make better use of its vital resources. It pinpoints unnecessary processes, letting you remove them and manage startup applications, Windows services, and more.

Memory washer

Moreover, the software lets you access processes manager features that allow you to investigate which programs are using up the most memory and disable them if needed. Its AutoFree RAM function automatically frees up RAM on your computer. You can set up predefined levels based on time intervals or let Memory Washer automatically free RAM whenever your memory reaches a threshold. You can download it here.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer


WinUtilities Memory Optimizer is another freeware to optimize and free up your PC’s memory. The latest version of WinUtilities Memory Optimizer will optimize memory only during system idle time, to minimize interruptions during normal computer use. You can download it here. Make sure you click on the small Direct Download link below the large green Download Now button.

Take a look at Mem Reduct and Mz RAM Booster too.

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  1. Andrey de Oliveira

    In another earlier post, AnandK says “Using Memory Optimizers may actually degrade performance.” Why yet offer Memory Optimizers on sequel?

  2. Hemant

    ‘May’ is the keyword

  3. Bob

    I’m using MemOptimizer.

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