Mz RAM Booster for Windows 10 tweaks system settings to improve PC performance

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  1. Rob

    According to the product page this program supports XP/2003/Vista/7. No mention Windows 10; appears to have been last updated in 2010.

    Version History:
    v4.1.0 – (19/12/2010) <==
    *Minor improvements
    *Updated installer
    *Added Japanese language

    I suppose the page could be out of date.


  2. THIRDEYE108

    Rob are you from tech support alert!!!!!!!

  3. Rob

    LOL…no…I was just pointing out that while this article implies that this program runs on WIndows 10, the web site doesn’t support that.

  4. Chris

    Do these RAM optimizers really work? I thought this fad died long ago. In my opinion, these programs do not help and its better if you get more ram than fiddle with these tools. If you have a lot of Ram but still have Ram issues something else is amiss, you need to figure out whats wrong and sort it out.

  5. Chris Huang

    I’d recommend Razer Cortex, even tho its made for gaming, it will help

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