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Increase dedicated Video RAM in Windows 10

How to increase dedicated Video RAM in Windows 10

The computer memory plays a vital role in having quick access to applications and programs. The computer memory or RAM is used by the system processor to store the data. It is a volatile memory on a motherboard that stores […]

Memory Leaks in Windows 10

How to find and fix Memory Leaks in Windows 10

A Memory Leak is a misplacement of resource in a computer program due to faulty memory allocation. It happens when a RAM location not in use remains unreleased. A memory leak is not to be confused with a space leak, […]

Windows Memory Dump Settings on Windows 10

In Windows 10/8, Microsoft has introduced a new Memory dump option called Automatic Memory Dump. This is the default option set in the operating system. Windows 10 introduced a new dump file type called Active Memory Dump. For those, you […]

Physical Memory Limits in Crash Dump files for Windows 10

This post has a quick look at Physical Memory Limits in Crash Dump files for Windows 10/8/7 and using the Sysinternals tool RamMap, which can be used to determine the number of physical memory ranges on a system. Physical Memory […]

Memory Compression in Windows 10

Memory Compression in Windows 10

Memory is an important factor in processing different tasks faster. Since it is electronic memory, it is costly and most people cannot afford huge amount of RAM. Also, there is a limit on RAM that the operating systems can support. […]

Rundll32 exe advapi32 dll

What does Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks do?

Does Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks really clear memory? Not really! There is a clear misconception on the net that Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks clears the memory and makes the Windows PC run faster! Does Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks really clear memory? More light on this from […]


RAMExpert offers you detailed information about your RAM

There are various tools available to keep tabs on what exactly is going on with your Windows PC. A lot of them are heavy programs that monitor each and every activity happening on your computer, consuming considerable about of power […]

eMo Web Browse Optimizer Tool for IE, Chrome, Firefox & other browsers

Most modern-day browsers takes up a lot of memory and it sometimes affects the performance of the computer, especially computers with older specifications. We are used to having multiple tabs open, which increase the memory usage to even up to 300 to 400 MB. It’s too […]

Free Memory Optimizers & RAM Boosters for Windows 10/8/7

When your computer freezes occasionally, web pages refuse to load, and some programs just fail to startup, chances are your system is losing out on memory. Under such situations, Memory Optimizers may help. Now let clear initially itself, that most consider the […]

do memory optimizers work

Do Memory Optimizers Work?

Do Memory Optimizers work? Memory Optimizers or RAM Optimizers were very popular in the pre Windows XP days. Their use however dwindled after Windows Vista as the recent versions came with fine built-in memory management features. Nevertheless, some folks continue […]

MemInfo – A Real-time Memory & Page file Usage Monitor

I’m one of those people who like to know what is going on in the background on my Windows computer. I used to manage them with the Task Manager, Widgets and freeware to find out which  program is running, what is my […]

Convert your Windows 7 taskbar into a dynamic RAM CPU meter

Here is an interesting freeware app which converts your transparent Windows 7 taskbar into a dynamically changing colored RAM meter. RAM Taskbar for Windows 7 monitors your RAM usage and converts the values and displays them in varying colors depending […]