Free Fonts download, for logos and commercial use

The most important thing for a company is their identity, which is nowadays successfully maintained by pictorial representations called logos. A logo makes a website or a company look complete; it creates an active identity of the company which is then followed by people around the globe. Designing a logo is not a difficult task, but it requires some graphics and some good fonts to match your company’s style. In this post, we’ve discussed some free fonts download websites that offer you fonts for logo designing and also allow you to use them freely for commercial purposes.

Free Fonts download


Free Fonts download

My favorite, is like a Font community where you can share your created fonts and download the fonts created by others. Dafont is a one stop solution to all your font requirements. It offers a wide fonts database, and it lets you download them without any hassles or login processes. Dafont is home to around 24000 fonts, which are divided into categories like Fancy, Foreign look, Techno, Bitmap, Gothic, Basic, Script, etc. All the fonts offered by Dafont are not free to use for commercial purposes, but at least all of them are free for personal use, and most them are free for commercial use too. You can check for a font’s license above the download button.

Font Squirrel gets you all the amazing fonts which are absolutely free for commercial as well as personal purposes. The font directory is regularly updated with the selected handpicked fonts. Finding fonts that are good as well as free for commercial purpose is a hard job, and according to them, Font Squirrel is really doing that hard work to find selected fonts. All the fonts are categorized into categories like Sans Serif, Retro, Rough, Decorative, Typewriter, etc. And they can be filtered by category of licenses, types of licenses offered by Font Squirrel are:

  • Commercial Desktop Use
  • Font Face Embedding
  • EBooks and PDFs
  • Applications

Other Font download websites

These are some of the websites that have a good font database, but remember not all of the fonts available on these websites are free to use for commercial purpose, we encourage you to properly read the license before using a font. But you can still get a bunch of fonts from these websites, which are good and 100% free. Here are some of these websites:


Did we miss out any? If you know of some other good free fonts download websites, that offers the same, do share it with our readers via the comment box below.

This post shows how you can find free alternatives to paid Fonts.

Go here if you are looking for freeware and online tools to create your own fonts. Check this if you want to create fonts from your own handwriting. If you are looking for web fonts, Google Font Directory offers hundreds of web safe fonts you may want to check out. Visit this post if you need to identify fonts.

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