Create font from your own handwriting

Have you ever wanted to create your own handwriting font that can be used to computerize your handwriting? So here, we have something for you! We normally do not cover shareware or paid products as it is tantamount to free advertising for them, But this is one service, which we felt could be of great use to many – at a very nominal cost.

Create font from handwriting

This tutorial would guide you in creating your personal handwriting font. So before starting, let’s see whether we meet some necessary requirements or not.

Minimum Requirements

  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • A Windows PC
  • Internet connection
  • Image editing tools
  • A little bit of photo editing knowledge

So let’s start with our tutorial!


Step 1: Visit the website and follow the given instructions. First you will have to download a PDF template and print it out. If you are creating your font digitally, with a tablet or a tablet input, then you can directly download the character set in image format.

Step 2: Print the character sketch, fill out each box with the character mentioned above with your very own handwriting, even do a signature, but remember any of the alphabet or even your signature, should not flow out of the boxes or the space provided.Create font from handwritingStep 3: Ready up your computer scanner. Ensure that the scanner bed is clean. Now insert the character set with your writing in the scanner and scan the character set, you can scan and save it any of the major image formats but ensure that the image resolution is 300 dpi or 1000 px or more.

Step 4: Now right-click the saved image and open it with any desired photo editing tool, I would recommend Gimp or Clean up the image, if you’ve made some little mistake and finalize your images.

Step 5: Now we are ready to upload are files and create the final font. Go to Your Fonts upload page. Fill in all your details and upload your font image files there, your fonts would automatically recognize the words and would finally show you a preview. If you feel that the preview is not to your satisfaction, then please try to go through the steps again.

Step 6: Now in the next step, what you simply need to do is, pay them their fee for creating your font. The fee they would ask you for, is around $9.90 – don’t look like they’ve asked for a kidney – we mentioned earlier, that this service was not free. Considering that they convert your handwriting into a True Type font – the fee does look reasonable.

Step 7: Download your font and install it on your computer.

Hope you liked our tutorial.

Apart from, there is another website called that offers to create fonts from your handwriting for $9. You might want to check it out too.

UPDATE: Hacky tells us via comments that there is also a free service available that does the same thing at You may want to check it out.

How to create your own Fonts free with this freeware and online tool may also interest you.

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