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Selecting the right font is very important for the designing of a website. Sometimes while browsing over the web, you might land on a brilliantly designed web site, and you may want to use the same font or some text written on an ad campaign might entice you. But, what if you don’t know what font that is? How will you recognize or identify the font? Will you mail the webmaster to ask the name of the font used? No, you don’t need to do that. There are certain free online tools which can help you in identifying the font with just a single click. You can identify the font using free online tools.

Identify Font

There are numerous fonts, and it is not at all easy to recognize a font with just a look. Below are my favorite online tools which I use to identify the fonts. These are actually must have tools for web designers. Check them out and decide which one is best for your usage.

1] WhatFontIs.comwhatfontis

WhatFontIs is the simplest online tool to identify the font on a particular webpage. It uses a catalog of 550K+ fonts (commercial or free) and font finder AI, for every image uploaded. Also available at Chrome extension and Firefox add-on, this tool gives you instant and accurate results. If you don’t want to install the extensions, you can use the online resource to identify your favorite fonts. Just upload your sample and check the matching fonts. Make sure that the image is clear and has good contrast. Edit the image if it has a lot of background noise or low contrast. Check WhatFontIs.com and find which font is best suitable for your website.

2] WhatTheFontwhatisfont

It is a free online source for finding the fonts using the images. You just have to upload the image from your desktop of submitting the image URL to identify the font out of the list of possible matches. The tool will match your font with the huge collection of fonts in its database and give you the correct answer within a few minutes. For good and fast results, make sure that the image you are using is clear and is having a maximum of 50 characters. The ideal size recommended one line of text is approximately 160 x 1250 pixels and the file should not be larger than 2MB. Visit myfonts.com/WhatTheFont and get your favorite font identified.

3] IdentiFont.comidentifont

Identifont is one of the most commonly used fonts identifying tools online. It asks a few questions about the font you want to identify and gives you not so accurate answer. The tool identifies the font based on its shape and characteristic, and the accuracy depends upon the answers you give. This tool IdentiFont.com is best applicable for those who don’t have any digital version of the font to be identified.

These are some free online tools we use to identify the fonts. If we’ve missed your favorite one do let us know via the comments section below.

Go here if you are looking for some Free Font download sites, for logos and commercial use.

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