Monitor & keep track of file changes & activity on your Windows computer


  1. To what extent have you checked the suppliers of these utilities, and their products? To operate properly, any utility which offers the functionality that you describe must have significant access rights.
    Who are the people providing the utilities? What is their purpose in offering such useful software free? I’m concerned that there may be some payback gained from the access rights, as has happened with plenty of “free” smartphone apps.

  2. Hi Jhampshire,
    I understand you are concerned about the functionality of these freewares. Well these are fairly small applications and developed for single purpose, that is to monitor file changes, I personally feel there is no need to know about the developers and the reason behind the free distribution of these small applications. Why would someone pay for these small application ?.

    And as far as the functionality goes, I have been using them for couple of months and I found that, they are working absolutely fine..
    Yes, one should check the suppliers of utilities, if the applications are complex and you depend on them for your business needs. Some thing like Database, Antivirus, Office suites and so on..
    I hope I cleared that.. 🙂

  3. It’s a nice and iteresting tool. It really helps to find what files and why are changed, renames or deleted. But the creator forgot 2 important things: a way to save the logs, and a name for the creator!

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