Folder Move lets you move Games and Program folders without losing data

One thing I absolutely love about the Windows 10 or any of the previous iterations is the plethora of customization it offers. After having experience with both Mac and Windows, I would personally say that the Windows 10 offers the best customization features. Be it our phone or our PC’s folders have always been central to us. The folders not only help us segregate our stuff but also help the programs and system files to separate its content. Let us check out FolderMove, a program that helps you move folders without disturbing the functionality.

Move Games & Program folders using FolderMove


Folders can be created, copied and moved. Along with this the content in the folder is also moved. While this works flawlessly for images and other files the same is not true for system or program files. For instance, if you move program or games folders from one place to another the games become corrupted and this will result in loss of data and need to reinstall the entire game.

The problem and the solution

Most of the times we need to move the game folders since they end up occupying a lot of space. Sometimes the game update will need more space than what is available in the drive, in such cases you can simply use the Folder Move to move the folder to other drive and install the update.

Move Games & Program folders using FolderMove

To begin with, the Folder Move is a light application sized at around 1MB. However, please keep in mind that you will be needing to run the software with elevated rights and this can be done by right-clicking on the .exe file and selecting “run as an administrator.”

Ok, so this is how it works. One needs to enter/copy paste the link to the source folder. This will direct the program to the folder that needs to be moved. In the next step, the users need to mention the Destination folder. This is the location to which the folder will be moved to. As the last step click on “move and set Symbolic link.” With this, you should be able to move the folder to different locations without losing the app/game data.

The program works by creating a symbolic link in the background which will point the original source to the new destination, much like a URL redirection. Before you fire up the process I would suggest you test out the program with the other software and only then move your game or program. Folder Move can be downloaded from the homepage.

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