Microsoft Outlook Envelope icon missing in Windows notification area


  1. I have checked all the boxes in Outlook 2010 but still no envelope or desktop alerts (preview works) for new email.

  2. I have the appropriate boxes checked but I am still not getting any notifications…

  3. I am running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit) with Outlook 2010. Email notifications do not show up in the taskbar, even with “Large Icons” enabled. I have read countless forms on correcting this issues. Nothing works.

  4. excellent! I’ve been looking all over and finally found how to fix my mail icon. i had uncheckd “use large icons” in the start menu settings.


  5. I have created a rule with specific email to move to specific folder n getting alert notification but unable to show new email envelop? pls. anyone can you help me?

  6. Please take note that the above setting for envelope icon only applies to all mail going into Inbox folder only. Any mails going into folders other than Inbox (Junk mail or sub-folders created with rules), there would not be any envelope icon alerts – no solution to this at all as of now… This also apply to New Mail Desktop alert – in order to mitigate this, users have to create a rule for folders other than Inbox to receive a New Mail Desktop alert for emails going to sub-folders… I wonder why don Ms Outlook apply the same alert setting to all folders instead of creating a different rule for folders other than Inbox… This is silly…

  7. This did the trick for me. Unchecked option for “Use small taskbar buttons” in Taskbar properties.

    Thank you Anand, you are a true Windows Ninja!

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