Explorer.exe server execution failed on Windows 10/8/7


  1. Fix It did not work. This “tool” was totally useless and ineffective for solving this problem, even despite your claims. All procedural steps were taken as outlined, and I’m still receiving “server execution failed” errors, even after rebooting.

  2. This was happening to me because I had the “My Document” folder mapped to a network drive and the network drive was not active/connected. Once I connected he Network Drive manually all was well. Hope that helps.

  3. NB: This error is often caused by disconnecting external drives where you have something in the shell tied to content on those drives, e.g. inclusion of external drive folders in a user library, or desktop shortcuts that point to content on the drives. I went nuts with this for a few days until I tried plugging my external drives back in (I only use them for archival, so I’d been disconnecting them when not in use to save wear and tear). Solve the problem immediately.

  4. HURRAY, after applying STEP 1 the win7 explorer worked again right away. Before that I tried numerous things, they all failed, but this fix did the job. THANK YOU to the poster!

  5. The error message I’m getting comes upon the startup screen (Windows 7) “Server execution failed: Oxe001003e” just before I sign in. Everything seems to work ok, but what is the problem here?

  6. I think we would all like to know WHY all of a sudden this is happening, I for one have not changed anything before having problems,

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