Fix: Desktop shortcuts go missing on Windows PC


  1. Boy, windows 7 is looking worse all the time. Who in the world thought this would be a good idea? And why “four” shortcuts is the magic number? My whole workflow is now messed up. My carefully crafted list of shortcuts – gone. I will just put them in a folder on my desktop instead… one more click to get to everything. I hope this software doesn’t go peeking inside folders on my desktop and delete those shortcuts too!

  2. i agree jonathan..
    i’m going to try your “solution” for now, see what happens.
    i had several UNbroken shorts on my desktop, all to different things. one was directly to a folder in my documents, one was to a simple .txt file in documents, and a couple to exe’s of apps that i chose not to install desktop icon at installation, then set one later. all shortcuts WORKED (unbroken). i went to work this morning, and came home to find holes where shorts used to be. this is asinine…i do not care for nazi software that makes my choices for me. (at the very least the damn thing could ask if i want these shorts deleted!!) i’ve googled and found oodles of info on this issue in windows 7, some suggested solutions even including a format and reinstall of the OS. for an operating system to be so uncustomizable as to have to resort to that extreme to solve such a ridculous issue is, to me at least, disturbing.

  3. I too am having my UNBROKEN shortcuts stolen from my desktop by Big Brother MS. Lame that you can’t disable just this nuisance without disabling all of the maintenance. Very narrow minded design indeed!

    If anyone gets a better fix for this BUG please post it here.

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