Cannot associate a file extension to an application in Windows 7/8/10


  1. The information (above) is correct, good information, but, for the benefit of those who will run into a problem with .zip file association the fix can be more extensive, because of how Microsoft handles .zip files within the Operating System. Please add more info relative to .zip file association.

  2. i am facing a different problem, i have small applications with .jar extension which used to work fine till i installed nokia pc suite the pc suite has associated the .jar files as mobile applications. can anybody help me to to run the .jar applications as earlier

  3. This saved my day!! Pdf association did not work and I just could not fix it, now it works like a charm! thanks so much

  4. Great help! This solved my problem. I recognized that the registry key pointed to the previous location of the executable before I manually moved it to another folder. Thanks much!

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