Windows Activation Errors 0x8007232B, 0xC004F074, 0xC004F038, 0x8007007B

Windows Activation Error 0x8007232B, 0xC004F074, 0xC004F038, 0x8007007B can occur in multiple scenarios. It could be because you are using an incorrect version key or you are not connected to a work network or you need to connect with your organization to resolve the issue. Let’s take a look at each of the individually to resolve the issue.

Activation Error 0x8007232B, 0xC004F074, 0xC004F038, 0x8007007B

The accompanying messages could be:

  • You are using incorrect version key of Windows
  • You are not connected to your workplace network.

Activation Errors 0x8007232B, 0xC004F074, 0xC004F038, 0x8007007B

Incorrect Version Key

Every Windows Product key is associated with a version of Windows.  In this case when you enter a product key for the Enterprise edition of Windows to activate Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. Since Enterprise ISO is separate from Windows 10 Home and Pro version, make sure to download the right ISO from Microsoft Server.

In case you are still having trouble, make sure to connect with Microsoft Support team. If there is a genuine issue, the team can offer you a new key, and block the one you are having a problem with,

You are not connected to your workplace’s network. 

Computers activated through Volume licensing in a company needs to pass through the Workplace’s network. While the check is not made daily, but when it does, you have to be connected to your work network. However, if you’re connected to your work network and still see this error, you might need to change the network settings. Please connect with your organization’s support person for more info.

If it is not possible to connect with your Support team, but if you have the key, then you can activate Windows yourself. Go to  Settings  > Update & security  > Activation, and then Change product key, and then type your 25-character product key. You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice.

Microsoft doesn’t check for activation all the time unless there is a necessity or when there is a major hardware change. Devices activated in companies if unchecked can be used by the person even after he or she lefts the organization.

Let us know if this helped you to fix the problem. 

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  1. Daniel Uroz

    I changed my whole PC except for the SSD and the HD and suddenly my windows has become Not Activated. Anyone has any idea as to how to fix that?

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