Error 0x803C010B while troubleshooting Printers on Windows PC

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  1. Russ Soule

    it would be beneficial to know WHY this affects the printer.

  2. angry at samgungshits

    Box is unchecked, problem is not solved, printer is still a bitch.

  3. Stephen_Butcher

    Same for me!

  4. Mohammad Malik

    First remove printer from your system
    Restart your printer if its wireless
    go to the wireless setup select your wireless router and input the wireless key
    now go to the control pannel
    click on add printer
    select your printer from the list
    follow on screen instructions
    and wolaaaa its up and running
    if you still have problems do not hesitate to contact me

  5. Michael Heenan

    And I do this every freaking time. What a PITA.

  6. Rashawnda Releford Williams

    Thank you! Fixed my printer issue on the first try.

  7. ^^ Glad it helped! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. safari801

    That fix hasn’t helped my win 10 installation. The troubleshooter can’t run to help with the problem either. It stops and says “the troubleshooter has encountered an error and can’t continue”

  9. neoc

    Any new updates? I’ve done both suggestions still not work.

  10. Ron

    I had the same problem but from experience with other network printers it was due to the router allocating a new IP address which conflicted to that which was stored in the port address for the printer.
    We had our printer man round for our major network printer and to resolve we changed the IP address to static on the printer (in the admin settings) to the IP address as you will see in example 3 above. We have just had this problem again with a new printer, static IP address put in and printer now working. I am not technical but without previous printer man showing us what to do we would have had no idea how to sort this.

  11. Michele Panei Skarada

    i’m having this issue with 2 printers, an HP and a Canon! Neither will print wireless! I have the Canon hardwired to our desktop which allows for emergency printing. I originally thought this was a windows 10 issue but our daughter cannot print from her MacBook either. I have un-installed both printers from every system in the house and re-installed. The printers both say they are connected but no computer can find them! Troubleshooting both printers results in the 0x803C010B error but when I try to configure the ports, neither one is “checked”. I’m ready to throw everything out the windows!!!!

  12. Thankful

    Mohammed, you are fantastic! For some reason, my printer had reverted to my Guest network and Windows could not communicate with it on that network. Thank you Thank you Thankyou! You saved me after 3 hours of troubleshooting and disconnecting every device, restarting, reinstalling software, etc. Donna

  13. Alex

    Other issue becouse you are not able to print, across wireless printer, is becouse you are connected to a VPN, dissconnect from VPN, then you will be able to print.

  14. MarkTRL

    Worked for me 1st time! Thanks.

  15. Romulus

    This helped me. Thanks a lot.

  16. Maegan Johnson

    Thank you!! I haven’t found the exact settings to keep it fixed, but it made me think to reset my computer connection and my printers connection, and it worked, so anyone else with this problem, that works as a quick fix until you can change the router settings.

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