How to add personalized attachments to Email Merge in Microsoft Outlook

If you are looking for a way to get the body of an Outlook email merged with its Drafts folder (Email Merge) so that you can add a personalized attachment to every draft email and then send them out, one by one, then this tutorial will show you how to do it.

There can be occasions where you need to send the same email message to 200 different people. At such times, the ‘Email Merge’ operation available in Outlook comes handy.  However, the problem occurs, when you need to add a personalized attachment for every individual. This problem can be solved too. There’s a workaround for it.

Add personalized attachments to Email Merge in Outlook

Firstly, you’ll need to create an E-mail Merge. To know how to do it, refer our tutorial on how to send bulk email messages in Outlook with Mail Merge.

Once you are done with this-

  1. Finish and Merge Mails
  2. Add a personalized attachment for each unsent mail

Complete the task of Email Merge. The Email Merge keeps the message same for several emails, but the name and address of the email are unique with custom details for each recipient.

1] Finish and Merge Mails

When done, open your Microsoft Outlook and choose the ‘Send/Receive’ tab.

Email Merge

Under the tab, move to the ‘Preferences’ section and select ‘Work Offline’. This will disconnect you from the server and allow you to work offline if you do not want to receive new mails.

Now, go to the merged Emails you created and then select ‘Mailings’ from Microsoft Word.

Email Merge in Outlook

Just adjacent to the ‘Preview Results’ section, you will find ‘Finish’ section. Choose ‘Finish&Merge’ option underneath it.

In the ‘Merge to E-mail’ window that pops up, choose ‘Send Email Messages’. Please note that the ‘Current record’ or ‘From’, ‘To’ is optional.

2] Add a personalized attachment for each unsent mail

After you hit the ‘OK’ button of ‘Merge to E-Mail’ window, your outbox folder in Outlook will receive the emails since the ‘Send’ option haven’t been completed yet.

Now, add a personalized attachment for each unsent emails and when done, click  ‘Work Offline’ again to send emails.

Hope you find this useful.

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