Ease of Access Keyboard Settings on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a lot of features that help you stay productive at work. And one of them is the ease of access center. The Ease of Access section in the Settings lets you customize a few very basic settings about your computer and personalize them. In this post, we’ve covered some keyboard settings that fall under Ease of Access.

Ease of Access Keyboard Settings on Windows 10

Ease of Access keyboard settings on Windows 10Shortcut Underlines

Do you like to work primarily on your keyboard? Switching between mouse and keyboard, again and again, becomes cumbersome at some stage. And then enters the keyboard shortcuts to make everything simpler. But it is not quite possible to remember all the keyboard shortcuts for all the applications.

Shortcut Underlines makes it even simpler to access keyboard shortcuts without remembering them. What it does is, in the menu bar it underlines the letter of the word that corresponds to a keyboard shortcut.

For example, if you’ve enabled this setting and you go to Notepad, you will see ‘F’ of ‘File’ will be underlined. Which means you can press ‘Alt + F’ on your keyboard to open the file menu. Similarly, you can open the help menu by ‘Alt + H’. This feature is quite handy and applicable to all the applications that have a menu bar and supports keyboard shortcuts.

To enable shortcut underlines, go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Ease of Access’. Select ‘Keyboard’ from the left menu and scroll down to find ‘Enable Shortcut Underlines’ under ‘Other Settings’.

Display warning messages while changing settings with keyboard shortcuts

While you start using keyboard shortcuts extensively, it will happen that you might hit a keyboard shortcut that is assigned to change some system setting. And the setting will be changed without your knowledge about it. So, to tackle this situation, there is another setting in the Ease Of Access section, and that is called ‘Display a warning message when turning a setting on or off with a shortcut’.

Enable this setting if you want to be warned about the actions of your keyboard shortcuts. You can try this feature by pressing Num Lock for 5 seconds, and you will see a warning message about the ‘Toggle Key’ settings.

There is an additional setting available along with this one, and that is ‘Make a sound when turning a setting on or off with a shortcut’. This setting will enable sound prompts if you changed a setting with the keyboard shortcut.

Both these settings are somewhat similar and are available under ‘Other Settings’ in ‘Keyboard’ section of ‘Ease of Access’.

So, these were some of the Ease of Access Keyboard settings. Ease of Access aims to make your computer more usable for you and provide some selective features that can enhance your overall experience on Windows. You can explore Ease of Access for more such settings that you might find interesting to customize as per your requirements.

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