Download Media Player for Windows 10 K and KN Editions


  1. I am from EU and I have to tell that it is the big shame of EU those obstructions with Internet Explorer and the obligation to force user to select browser from stupid selection screen. Windows is MS product and MS has the right to sell it as he want and of course customers can choose if they want to use it or not. I am user of MS products from times of MS DOS and I am satisfied. No one thing in the world is ideal, but products of MS are very functional and useful. After installation of OS I expect that I have basic tools for using it. Tools like browser, text editor, image and media viewers should be part of OS. And all experienced users can choose from thousands products in the world and install them. Now the situation of customer is not easier, but more complicated, thank you EU 🙁

    BTW, why the hell in Firefox OS or in Chrome OS or in OSX I cant choose browser as well? Where is this stupid selection screen?

  2. In OS X 10.10.x the selection is in System Preferences>General. if you are looking for a setting, open the System Preferences (under the Apple menu or a Set of Gear Icons on the Dock, try the search box in the upper right hand corner of the System Preferences window. Odds re if you use the proper term (or close to it) it will highlight and even open the preference pane for you.

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