Download Files seamlessly with NeoLoader on Windows 8 / 7

You need to download several files in a day. You start to lookout for numerous hosting sites. And when you are finally happy to find a site that allows you to download, your bubble bursts – you can’t download more than a couple of files per hosting site. So, you download different files from different websites. But there is a problem, you need to constantly switch between tabs to check the download and the speed of download is not that great either. This problem is easily sorted out with NeoLoader software. NeoLoader lets you anonymously and privately search and download torrents and hosted downloads using NeoKads MASH routing.

NeoLoader for Windows


NeoLoader is an amazing download manager and file sharing client created to work across various network borders. It allows you to perform web testing efficiently, quickly, and frequently. This software allows you to download files from several One Click Hosting sites including BitTorrent and eMule/eDonkey2000. NeoLoader supports many hosting sites. That’s not all, you can also share files with your friends with its own anonymous file sharing called Network NeoShare which is based on TOR.

NeoShare works by transferring all the data using an end-to-end encryption such as EC Diffie Hellman Key exchange and AES 256 bit encryption. Moreover, this free software doesn’t reveal the route the data is transferred through, by encrypting all the communication between each hop.

The benefits of NeoLoader are many. Some of them have been listed below:

  1. Easy user interface
  2. Simple and straight-forward sharing of files
  3. Allows anonymity
  4. Permits download of the same file from a multiple network at the same time
  5. Seamless bandwidth and connection management (to optimize P2P operation).
  6. It supports multi-tracker extension support
  7. It Allows full protocol encryption
  8. Contains Advanced Intelligent Corruption Handling (AICH)
  9. Enables TOR-like packet routing through Kad
  10. Supports safe way to receive content
  11. It also supports tracker less torrents (using mainline Kademlia DHT protocol) along with DHT extensions.

The latest version of NeoLoader is loaded with new features that were missing in the previous version. The new additional features are:

  1. Recheck firewalled state
  2. Includes speed and status bar
  3. Option to switch replication of master file to sub files
  4. Supports mediainfo.dll
  5. Improved force function for better handle of share ratio
  6. Incorporated option of selecting double click action
  7. Included NNP and FullQ dropping for eMule

NeoLoader is made available to all the major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Download your copy from here and start downloading all your files, seamlessly in one go.

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