GetGo Free Internet Download Manager: Integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox

We have earlier blogged about Free Download Manager. If you are looking for something else, you might want to check out GetGo Download Manager

GetGo Download Manager comes with tons of Download Management features. It is designed for the new generation of Web 2.0, and can easily download video and music files from the Internet.

It expedites your downloads and includes an auto-resuming feature, where you never have to waste your time on unfinished downloads due to network problems, or unexpected power outages.

It accelerates download speed by splitting files into several blocks and then downloading them concurrently. It also has a cool customizable, dockable and themed UI.

The freeware program comes as a command button on your Internet browser. Until a user attempts to download music, movies, pictures, or other forms of media it remains hidden. A box then opens prompting you to use GetGo to download the content.

The information about the file is sent to a screen that shows what you are downloading, how large it is, where it comes from and how long it will take. At the lower part of the screen a monitor displays the bandwidth that is being consumed. A navigation screen that allows viewing all downloads of the past, present and on hold is located to the left hand side. Besides, the program also includes a range of options for managing downloads, including picking the download folder, sorting videos into categories, and renaming files.

Free Internet Download Manager

Features of GetGo:

Integration with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox – The program runs in the background without interrupting your web browsing experience while downloading.

Easy Batch Download – Easily sets up a Batch download that not only downloads a large list of files using a URL patterns template, but also automatically renames downloaded files using a filename pattern template.

Flexible Download Scheduler – Schedules your downloads to start on a specified date.

Extreme Download Acceleration – The program accelerates download speed by splitting files into many blocks and then downloading them concurrently. This increase downloads speed up to 500%.

Resumes Broken Downloads – The program is also capable to resume broken or stopped downloads, so that there isn’t any need to restart your downloads from the beginning again, saving your time and bandwidth.

GetGo Download is easy-to-use and possesses a customizable modern interface. Besides, it becomes an essential Internet tool for increasing the download speed, resuming and organizing downloads.

Download page: GetGo Download Manager. (NOTE BY ADMIN: Jsg informs us via a comment, that it installs the hated Ask Toolbar. Check out Free Download Manager instead).

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