Free Download Manager for Windows 10/8/7


  1. Any program that is named “Free” devalues itself automatically. I won’t dl anything that is named Free.

  2. yethz: Yes IDM is great, and we did have its giveaway here sometime back.

    Kit: Try FDM, I’m sure you will like it; the word ‘Free’ notwithstanding 🙂

  3. @Windows Club:
    Ows really! I didnt saw it, maybe its a year already, coz i havent been online for almost 2yrs…
    thats great but how about giving it away again 😀

  4. FDM has not been updated in ages. Orbit is a much better free alternative, with better performance and more features. In paid apps, there is no beating IDM.

  5. este programa FDM esta muy bueno la velocidad de descarga es buena y no tiene ningun problema pruevenlo se los aconsejo y la vercion nueva es aun mejor

  6. If you want a download manager that is really easy to use, try Eagleget. I thought Orbit was good until I started using this one.

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