How to display different Live Tiles for different email accounts in Windows 8

We have seen in earlier post how to add multiple e-mail accounts to Windows 8 Mail app. After adding the multiple email accounts, the Start Screen the Mail Live Tile shows the latest mails from all your accounts. And many of us use it this way, not knowing that you can add and display a separate tile for each of your email accounts.

This post is result of a query put by a Windows 8 user, who has multiple email accounts and wants to see different Live Tiles, showing recent mails for various accounts. Actually I never thought of using it this way but it is convenient to have separate Live Tile for different accounts. And it’s very easy to do this. Let us see how to do it.

Now that you have multiple email accounts set up, launch Mail and go to the main screen. Check the bottom left of the screen where you can see a list of all your mail accounts


Click on the name of the mail account you to create a Live tile. The mail account’s Inbox will open. Now right-click anywhere on that screen and a menu bar appears at bottom of the screen.Click on Pin to Start, and a pop-up box appears with mail account name and folder name like Outlook-Inbox as shown here. Rename it if you want and click on Pin to Start.


Now go to the Start Screen and you can see a Live tile for the mail account you have just added.


Here you can see the default mail app and the recently created one. I have shown them together by moving it , you might have to scroll right on the Start Screen to see the newly created Live tile alerting you to new mails.

And that’s not all, in fact you can have different Live Tiles for different Folders within mail accounts!

For this just go to the folder which you want to have it as a Live Tile and follow the method just shown to pin a tile to Start Screen.

Just give it a try, it’s a simple tip to make things better!

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