How to display different Live Tiles for different email accounts in Windows 8


  1. When I follow your directions I don’t get a pin to start option. I get a bunch of mail options (move, mark as read, delete,etc) but no pin to start.

  2. The article was for earlier ver of Windows 8. Now in Windows 8.1 , you have ‘Pin to Start’ option in Manage Folders (left most icon along with what you said you get options such as move, delete etc). Click on it to get the ‘Pin to Start’ option.

  3. Does this no longer work in 8.1? I was able to pin each mailbox but the Live Tile option for each seems to be gone. It just shows a tile icon but no mail within the tile.

  4. I figured it out. I guess you also have to swipe over to the right to choose a different tile and then recognize that the tiles will only update on new mail that is detected. It certainly isn’t intuitive in the new design.

    Thanks for the instructions. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now.

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